Severe Vaginal burning after sex.
by Narusegawa, Oct 18, 2006
For four years now, I've been having an issue with vaginal burning after sex.  I've been to my doctor countless times about it and she isn't doing much.  After having a pap smear done, it came out that I had bacterial vaginosis.  After taking the gel insert meds for the five or six days, the intense discharge smell went away.  But about a week after that I went to visit my boyfriend (he is clean) and about the day after we had sex the first time over that visit, the burning started again.

- I have sex with my boyfriend and urinate right away afterwards.  The next day I'll eat a few cranberry tablets.  (The juice is too acidic for my system.)

- I don't have a UTI.  (I've gone through that test about ten times now.)  This is not vulva burning or urinary tract burning.  However, it burns in the vaginal area after I urinate and feels as though it continues to the inside of my vagina.  It is extremely painful.  Pressure and heat sometimes helps.

- It only happenes after I have sex.  The extreme milking that happenes during sex produces a huge amount of discharge from my vagina.  I asked my boyfriend if that was normal and he said that it was.  (The past partners he had been with were no different.)

- I have a feeling it has something to do with the high constant amount of discharge I've had all of my life.  Ever since I was little the high amount of discharge was normal.  But now, I've become alergic to it somehow.

I'm 20 years old and can't have a normal sex life with my partner.  My doctor tells me to practice abstinence.  Why should I do that?

Help!  Thanks. :)
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by hbeachgrl, Oct 19, 2006
Have you been tested for yeast infection or candida?
by Narusegawa, Oct 20, 2006
Everything was checked for in my Pap smear test.  And the two sexual partners that I've ever had (the second one is my current boyfriend) were and still are both clean.  And neither of them have been complaining about any problems of any sort.  I don't know what else to do except go see a urologist.
by hbeachgrl, Oct 25, 2006
They usually don't test for yeast in a normal pap, unless you specify.  Did the doctor go over your lab results with you?  A urologist may help.. but let me say I have been to over 8 doctors in the last year.. and my advice is don't believe everything they say.  Make sure you have "data" and a legitimate reason to believe what they tell you.

Keep looking...
by Principessa, Nov 02, 2006
Do you use condoms?  Some women are allergic to latex.  You might want to try a different type of condom and see if that helps.  Good luck!!
by rabbit66, Nov 03, 2006
I have had similar problems for years. There was no infection and change of condoms never helped my problem.
BUT.... recently I just happened to temporarily change my diet and I noticed that I had NO burning AT ALL during or after sex.
I do have a different partner though, so that may have something to do with it, but I have a feeling it is the DIET.
Basically, I cut down on carbs and ate much more healthy food- salads, veggies, lean meat/seafood, and decreased junk food, chips, soda. And an increase in HYDRATION with alot of water everyday.
I think the ph balance may have something to do with all of this.
A more alkaline system is actually better for most bodily systems.
Perhaps you can test it. See if it makes a difference.

Good luck!!
by NezZIE, Jul 25, 2007
I have severe vaginal burning that gets worse in the heat! I have had this problem for two years now. no one seem to be able to help me. I have changed my diet, i have tried anti-yeast medication, I have been tested for StD's, Ive done it all. I can't have sex, I can't use condoms, I don't know what to do anymore. HELP!
by abowe, Dec 17, 2007
I have just found out that you can be allergic to proteins in a man's sperm also known as human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity (SPH). Look it up and get as much info before going to the doctor and asking him.
by Wispbelles, Jan 19, 2008
I feel your pain- literally.  I have had the EXACT same problem for 2 years now, and I hate it!  I have seen a couple of different doctors, been tested for STI's, UTI's, yeast and even herpes.  My pap is consistently normal, and they basically told me that there is not really anything they could do.  I'm so frustrated!  It's gotten to the point where I hardly ever want to have sex, and when I do have sex, I don't enjoy it because I keep thinking about how badly I'm going to hurt after.  This had never happened with my sexual partners in the past, so I don't know what it could be.  This had caused me a lot of stress, pain and doctors visits.  I almost wish it were an STI so I could just take the medication and be done with it!  It is comforting to know that there are other women experiencing this, because none of my friends have had it happen to them.  Let me know if you ever find the cure.
by mincey, Jan 20, 2008
Hi I really need to fix this problem as its wrecking my relationship!

First of all im 18.. i have been sexually active since i was 15 i have slept with 3 people one being my boyfriend (now) of 1yr.. i am on the birth control pill i have been for since i was 16. In about september/ October of 2006 it started to hurt after sex, My vaginal lips woud get swollen and quite tender, and a bit red, we used to have sex once a day tho this changed to twice a week.. I skipped my period for 2 months in november and december. In between those two months i started to get really itchy down below, stinging a bit, a swallen vagina and really watery discharge with occasional cheesey lumps it was a creamy light yellowy/ greeny colour it was really painful and irritating.. i told my mum and she said it might be thrush and to get canasten cream at the pharmacy.. he gave me a 6 day treatment to which i used an applicator to put the tablet like things inserted in  my vagina.. i only used 3 because it cleared up.  about a month later i started to get the same thing again so i used the other three. now its gone.. i had my first period just frinsh since the time i skkipped it.. and last night i had sex with my bf for the first time in a while and it hurt me but i didnt want to say anything because hes getting angry, and its now a day later and im still quite swollen and i have 2 tears near my vaginal opening between that and my anus.. its really tender and stings.. and afterwards i have sex it burns
Any ideas whats worng??
i am sick of not being able to have sex like i used to and enjoy it!
i have never had a papsmear
and my partner doesnt wear a condom..

i just want to be all better, i dont want him to leave me :(    PLease HELP!