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Severe cramps/heavy bleeding after late period...
Hi =)

I am taking progestin only birth control pills which (for the past year and a half or so) have made me have light periods, (that dont always come on time, but usually about every 5 weeks).  My last period was about 8 weeks until a few nights ago.  I was getting curious and was about to take a pregnancy test but I started getting super bad cramps and sure enough on Friday night it finally came.  

Its been horrible though!  I usually only get light cramps the first day and light bleeding for a couple days.  I have had extreme cramps and heavy bleeding since Friday.  Its finally getting a little better but still heavier bleeding and worse cramps than usual.  Also my breasts were sore the past couple of weeks.  Do you think its just because it was a little late, or maybe a m/c, or just something weird going on inside of me?  I have no idea... any help would be awesome, thank you!

-D   =)
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