Signs Of Pregnancy After First Missed Depo Shot
by alexa72, Apr 02, 2008
Okay,well, I had recently started depoo not neccessarily as birth control but to regulate my period. My first shot was in early december and I was due early march. I never went back for my next shot but my "Period" has seemed wierd. Normally I have a very heavy cycle and right now it has been very light and the color went from a light pink to brown. When i would noramlly be using a pad and a tmpon at the same time, im only using a pantyliner. My breasts are very sore and Ive been real achy and moody. Do you think I could be pregnant?
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by shallxwexthen, Apr 03, 2008
Well it could be sign of being  pregnant. I was on the Depo shot but i had a bad reaction so i had to be taking off of it. If you miss one shot as soon as you go to the doctor they make you take a pregnacy test because its really easy to get pergnant if you miss a shot. Different people have different reactions to the shot.
by dwhite, Apr 03, 2008
that is very rare that after you missed the depo shot you are having signs of being pregnant because i know for a fact it can take up to a year for your hormones to regulate.
go see your gyn
by Curious6789, Apr 03, 2008
I was on the depo shot for 3 yrs, Doctor's told me that it would take me 6 months to a year to get pregnant. I got pregnant 3 Months after being off the shot. So you might want to go get checked out.
by kimmerz21, Apr 17, 2008
...when i first got pregnant...i found that i had cloudy pee...i thought i was crazy till i talked to other friends, and they said the same...it may be from something else, but i found the whole time i was pregnant i had cloudy pee....nothing else like morning sickmess untill i was about 2 months...and even then it didn't feel like morning sickness, i just couldn't eat breakfast...i was on the shot for 2 years, and i was off the shot for about 1 year before i got pregnant...my periods didn't ever resume before that...i got one REALLY light before i was actually preggers...and yes, i agree that it can take up to a year, hell it did with me, but every woman's different, right?? maybe you just have a really fertile body, lol...you could also just be stressing yourself out...
by Trying85, Sep 19, 2008
i was on depo for 4 years the first time i missed a shot i got pregnant. i was put on de[po at age 14 cause my cycle was sending me into really bad asthma attacks. So if i were u i would go get a test done. Every1 is different.
by helpme03, Oct 19, 2008
i had my 1st depo shot in march or april of 08 im 17 and got pregnant at 15  had my daughter when i was 16 and my babydaddy wanted me to go on the shot so i wouldnt get pregnant again i missed my depo shot in june r july when i was suppose to get it again me and my babydaddy were haven unprotected sex all while i was on the depo shot my period was extremly regular i had it every month for about aweek in august my period never came and i start feeling sick and haven head aches and breast pain  in sept my period came but it was brown like discharge and the same happend in october and im still haven pregannacy symptoms i took a pregnancy test a month ago but it came back negative i was wondern if i could still b pregnant
by confused0809, Dec 26, 2009
i got on the depo shot in the middle of jan. of 09 i took my second shot in april i was supoosed to get it again in july but decided i didnt want it anymore since i gained weight so i got the pill. i took it for about a week or two then stop taking it cause i would forget to take it. in the middle of the month of nov. im starting to discharge, my breast hurt sometimes, the smell of some foods make me want to throw up my lower back hurts and my lower stomach hurts like cramps. i get headaches alot and sometimes i get really hot. i took a test but it was neg. so now im just confused am i pg or is all this is because of the shot?
by mammda, Nov 05, 2011
i was on the depo shot for 2 years, after i gave birth in 09, i was suppose to have a shot in august, but missed it due to movin. its been three months since, now im havin a sore bladder area, my nipples have been sore, heartburn, n have had a faint brownish red discharge an period cramps but no period, while on the shot i did have a single period just a little crampin. im just wonderin if these r just symptons of depo shot..
by 12bee12, Oct 22, 2012
I was on the depo shot for about a year and was supose to get my last shot around September, but i didnt get it. my period came back almost right away and it seemed pretty normal, then i started getting it every 5 days or so but it was lighter. By boobs were super sore and they have deffinitly gotten bigger., my lower stomach area seems to be a little bigger too(but that very well could just be the weight gain from being on the depo) but i have sharp pains and aches in my lower stomach. im tired alot, and some smells make me nauseous. Its been about a month now, and I'm still getting my period 2-3 times a month but the other symptoms havent gone away. is there a chance im pregnant??