Stop period
by Summer21, Nov 16, 2005
I am currently on the birth control patch. Usually, I skip every other month of my period (because I am anemic and you have no idea how much it drains me) well, i gave myself a few days off the patch, had my period for a day, and re-applied a new patch. I am STILL having my period, and it's been since Sunday. I took off the patch today.

I was wondering -- is there anyway to STOP your period, even for a day?

Forgive me for being blunt, but I would really like to have sex with my boyfriend on Friday, before we both go away for a month. I don't know that I want to do this while I am menstrating, unless there's some unmessy way to do so.

Any suggestions, ladies? Thank you in advance.

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by luv_babies, Nov 16, 2005
I was on the patch also. if you took it off for a few days and then put one on a few days later and then took it off again, you could have screwed up your periods. Are you supposed to have your period now? If so it's only been 4 days.
For the sex thing, you could do it in the shower, or use a towel or something.
As for the anemia thing, have you talked to your dr about a different bc? There is one out now that you only get your period 4 times a year. I think it's called Seasonale.
Good Luck
by Summer21, Nov 16, 2005
Thank you ladies, you are wonderful!

In wake of the recent birth control patch scandal, and I am thinking of switching to Seasonale -- but I was a little worried about the side effects.
by banickle, Nov 16, 2005
This wouldn't stop your period, but there is a rather new feminine product known as Instead. I bought some at a Walgreens and I think they have them at CVS also. They're kind of a little cup that you insert into your vagina just beneath your cervix so that it catches all the blood before it leaves your body. Lots of women (on their website) claim that they can have "clean sex" while using it and their partner doesn't even know it's there. I haven't tried it, but it might be worth a look :o)

Here's their website: http://www.softcup.com/

by Summer21, Nov 17, 2005
I bought the softcup, I haven't tried having sex with it in yet -- but it seems like it's not too difficult to use so far.
by banickle, Nov 17, 2005
let me know how it goes! I'm curious.
by Summer21, Nov 19, 2005
Well, I almost got to try it -- but my period flow got WORSE! :(

I think the softcup is great, if your flow is not too bad. If it is, you run the risk of having a really awful leak because there's too much in it.

When my period is regulated again by birth control, I will definitely try the softcup again.
by SandGril, Dec 13, 2007
sandgril  i just have question i have lots of pain in my tumy and i am in my period i wish if i could do something to stop my period.
by aestes, Jan 28, 2008
Hello!  I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to stop your period for about a week, see, I have a ball to attend this weekend and I only use pads and since my dress is white it will be TERRIBLE to go while I'm on my period!  I am going to start tomorrow or wednesday so I really only need to delay it's coming until after saturday.  is there anything I can eat or drink?
by ushudletmeluvu, Jun 25, 2008
I want to know is there a way to stop a period.  I havent had one in about a year and my doc gave me a pill to start it again.  And then she put me on Yaz.  Well since I have been on Yaz I have been bleeding everyday and its only gettin worse.  I want to stop it by the weekend or at least before the 4th of July!!! Is there anything that can help me other than the soft cup?