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Stress or Pregnant ?
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Stress or Pregnant ?

Hi my name is Vicki,

I never really been regular but usually i get my periods every two months. but had one time i never had them for a year and the doctor never find out why. I say i was really stress probably and they said it could be.

I started having my periods normal for 2 months. Now I havent got them its been about 2 months. I didnt get them perfectly on time but about a month and 2 weeks. My last periods was in the middle of november and now we are in the end of January. I took a pregnancy test in the end of december. it said negative. but i think maybe i wasnt conceive at that time can it be possible?

Ive been feeling alot of pregnancy symptoms in the past month and there increasing. I dont vomit but i feel like it alot in the morning and after I eat. I feel tired and sleep more then usual, My Nipples or more dark and sensitive, my boyfriend say they look and feel different . I feel bloated and my boyfriend says i fart a lot when i sleep (lol) When i take the elevator at work i feel really dizzy. Craving for macaroni salad and spicy wedges, coffee doesnt taste the same. i feel hungry more often. I drink alot of water but feel desiderated and pee about 2 times an hours when im standing up. i try not to drink to much water at work cause i dont wanna go to the washroom contently.. i try eating more veggies and fruit to feel more energy but it last only an hour about after eating them. Sometimes i smell things differently then i use to and smell more then most people when i ask if they smell it they say no i dont know what you mean? i feel a bit light headed like about to faith sometimes. Cry for stupid reason like i dont wanna go do the dishes, i get irritated by people and my pets easily lately that it make me wanna cry. A lot of people at work are asking me if im pregnant. My eyes seem sensitive and glossing. lately i have to blow my nose alot. sometimes i feel constipated and sometimes i just go more. I get ramdom hycopes and stomach burn. lately my vagina seem to get wet a lot. like i walk up and im all wet. sometimes i have to go to the bathroom just to wipe it cause its bothering me. never had that before. Even doh i drink more water my pee is so yellow, brown most of the time. usually my pee always been clear even in mornings. dreaming of pregnancy a lot. walking up and being sweaty. I get cold and to warm contently. Belly seem to not wanna go in and it tired me to try. thats about it. Me and my boyfriend or kinda trying to have a baby not really trying but we have unprotected sex and he cums inside me. we are not trying to rush it kinda just waiting to it to happen.

When I ask my mom how she felt when she was pregnant its pretty much the same and she wasn't regular neither. so it really made me question myself.

Why i say stress, well i started a new job lately but i have been feeling those symptoms before maybe not as strong then this week. I love my job and i dont think its stressing me much but you never know i guess.....

so am i just stress or pregnant? or could it be something else. is it possible that i didnt take the pregnancy test at the right time?  
These can be the symptoms of pregnancy. To confirm the status of pregnancy, I suggest you to test for pregnancy by a highly sensitive pregnancy test 10 days post ovulation with a sensitive ( 20 - 25 mIU ) pregnancy test. Also then I would suggest you to get your serum HCG levels estimated since this is more specific than urine for pregnancy tests. If it comes negative then other causes of delayed periods should be explored.

It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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