Swollen Itchy Vagina Lips
by LHx, Aug 16, 2008
Well i havent had sex in about two weeks and now my vagina is very itchy and my vagina lips Are Extremely Swollen Ive never seen anything quite like it and im Very Very Scared because i never used protection and im also scared to go to my GP , i cant stop worrien any help on this ?
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by momo91, Nov 16, 2008
well me and my bf have been havin sex for tha past 5 months.
and all of a sudden after he ate me out i started to feel pain.but i didnt think nothin of it.now i'm on my period and my left vagina lip is swollen and irritates me.and now that i'm bleeding, it's not normal blood, it's like lumps cumin out.
what could it be?i'm scared to go to my doctor, but i know for a fact i don't have a std.and my boyfriend said i might just be pregnant.
could this be true?