Swollen Vaginal Opening, No pain
by jcur15, Dec 11, 2006
I had sex about 2 months ago, protected, not really a big deal. But just this past week and a half or so, the opening to my vagina has been really swollen, reducing the opening to about 1/3 its normal size. It was like that for about a week, and then in the past few days, there seems to be a bump inside my vagina. It isn't extremely alarming, but it has never been like this before and i'm worried. It doesn't itch or hurt, and I easily forget about it during the day. Is this something I can just pretend isn't there and forget about it? Is it just a minor infection or something? Do I need to be more worried? PLEASE help me, I get a little more nervous each day. Thank you.
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by girl522, Dec 11, 2006
I believe your vagina can be swollen from a yeast infection.  I would go to a doctor just to be on the safe side.
by VickiInVegas, Dec 12, 2006
Yes it sounds like you've got one of two things going on:

1. Yeast Infection. If you believe you are having this problem (unusual discharge, itchy, redness-not-just-in-one-spot) get some over-the-counter medications to clear that up.  Like the Monistat one day treatment (still takes 3-7 days to clear up completely even though it says one day).

2. Also right inside the vagina on both sides are these glands called Bartholins Glands.  They lubricate your vagina during intercourse.  Sometimes these glands get infected for various reasons (friction mostly).  The bump to me sounds like you could have an infection there.  When they get infected they wont hurt unless they are about to pop or if you try to have sex again.  Most of the time if you have a gland infection it'll go away on its own in a week or so. The body does miraculous things.

Either way, its always a good thing to go get checked by a doctor for anything that turns up swollen.  
by sparkeler, Dec 12, 2006
If you have never had a yeast infection before, I would go to the doctor for proper diagnosis.  Swollen and red can mean yeast.  Does it also itch inside and around the vagina?  I think it's essential that you do see a doctor.  Herpes can mimic yeast.  Although, I don't believe it sounds like herpes, symptoms can be atypical.  Fyi:  If you do decide to treat yourself for a yeast infection, do buy the Monistat 7.  Monistat 1 & 3 are notorious for not completely eradicating yeast infections. Good luck!
by mummy1, Jul 15, 2007
I saw your message today. I seem to have the exact same thing that you had back in Nov. Could you tell me what it was? I went to see my family doctor today and she told me to have it remove by my gynecologist. I am scared. Thanks
by lynster121, Jul 02, 2009

I was just wondering if you had ever figured out what was wrong? I seem to be having the exact same problem...there is no itching and it doesn't hurt but it just seems to be very swollen...like you said the opening is almost completely shut...or at least severely reduced in size. I am out of the country with no access to a doctor for 2 weeks so i'm a little worried. Let me know if you found out anything.
by jenness, Oct 13, 2010
i have the same thing and was told possible allergic reaction to the latex  material  but i  am going to the doc to  find out for sure .
by munchie1982, Mar 28, 2011
So I'm having itching and swollen and the discharge is white and thick... I got an std check about 1 month ago and I'm clean but this just came up and I started my monthly ....can u use Masta 7 still?