Tampon, 'Are you in there?'
by cbethy, Jan 17, 2006
Okay, this is the wierdest thing ever, but I could never go to the docter about this one. I just finished my period, and yesterday, I went to bathroom and I couldn't find the string to my tampon. I may have taken out and not replaced it (I was really light), but I can't be possitive. If its in there and I don't know it, it would have worked its way out right? Like when I had a BM, the pressure would've pushed it out, right? I'm done with my AF now, and I would like to have sex with my husband, but I don't want to push it up there any further. I can't feel it, so I don't think its there, but what if it is?? Help?!?!
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by sunshineysmile, Jan 17, 2006
i had the same problem once, only i sent my husband fishing LOL!! turns out i must have taken it out, cuz he didnt find anything. i think it would just naturally come out with your normal functions, thats what i've heard anyways.good luck to ya
by doxiefox, Jan 17, 2006
years ago my husband and I had been drinking a little to much and we had sex forgetting i had a tampon in it was pushed way up there I thought I must have removed it anyway it took 3 weeks for it to work its way out
by fieldofdreams, Jan 18, 2006
Same here.  I had forgotten it was in and my Dh and I had sex after the deed was done I realized it was in there.  I had DH dig for it but he could not get it...With much presitence I got it out that nite.  Promise I would never forget that again.  Have your DH give you a hand.  I know it is gross and all but it is better then worrying about it.
by Still_AndiJ, Jan 18, 2006
Best to get it out as soon as you can, the risk of infection is astronimical. See if dh/partner can help to look for it, I would not rely on nature for it to help work it out.

by Christina McCurdy, Jan 18, 2006
My mother works at an OBGyn office, she would come home telling horror stories about this happening. They dont think its funny when it happens, its common (not as common as the cold though, lol). What they say is bad, and what they talk about is when the person FINALLY comes in, they have a HORRIBLE infection. A few times, the person has had to get a Hysterectomy because of it. Please Please Please, if you arent SURE its out, go to the doctor.
Good Luck!!!!
by maryheather, Jan 18, 2006
There are actually fewer cases of it "working itself out".  Although that is nice to hope for, if you truly think you could've left it in, you need to either get someone to help you, or go to the doc.  Don't be embarrassed.  They see this everyday.  If left inside, your risk of many different kinds of infections go up, like Andi said.  You need to get it out, and don't wait for it to come out on its own.
by Stacie41, Jan 19, 2006
Boy I feel like I'm hitting everything today. Years ago a friend of mine had the same problem. She thought it was gone. Over time she started noticing an order but still couldn't find anything. It became so bad she finally went to her OB and it was there. You shouldn't feel imbarrassed this is your body and health. You wouldn't want to come down with any infections.
by revamp, Jan 20, 2006
Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how many women are intimidated by their own bodies.

There's a simple solution, ladies!  Feel around!

The vaginal canal isn't the grand canyon, ya know...it wouldn't take a spulunker to find a hiding tampon in there.

Wash your hands, be careful of your nails, slide a finger in and feel around.  If you can't feel a trace of string or tampon, you're safe.

Happy Hunting!

by lozz, Jan 24, 2006
Anyone who leaves there tampon in for longer than max 8hrs is at serious high risk of TSS! and alot of other things too. So be carefull even if it you know its still there, its how long its been in there. If your at work and you feel it needs to be changed than tell your boss, cos really they'll understand and if your too embarresed to do that than just think this is really putting your life and body at risk to serious illness and infections that can lead to death if not treated. So come on girls stay alert to your precious bodies. love lozz........