Vaginal Blood Blisters?
by circa1989, Sep 13, 2007
I've been plagued by vaginal blood blisters for awhile now...  I'm 18 years old, and the first time I noticed one I was about 13 and didn't know what to do.  I was so scared, I just ignored it until it went away, which it eventually did.  They've popped up now and again through out my life, but they've always disappeared on their own.  But I know that's no reason not to worry, and I'm really scared to find out what my problem is, but I know I need to know, I just hope it's not to late or something for me.  They've never caused me any pain before, though I can recall some random vaginal pains from awhile ago, but I've attributed that to puberty and growing older, and haven't had any recent pains.  I'm still a complete virgin in everything but kissing, and I've only ever kissed two people who were virgin's too, so the chances of it being an STD are kind of low, but I really can't say...  Do you think maybe it's just irritation, maybe the cloth of my underwear or sweat?  Maybe it's caused by masturbation (which I frequently do, only recently have I begun using any vibrators)?  I know I'm just trying to comfort myself by saying all of those things...  I just want to know what's wrong with me.  :'(
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