Vaginal Tearing
by divaboo, Jul 31, 2006
My boyfriend and I had intercourse last Wednesday (its now Monday)While we were having sex I noticed that he was having trouble entering inside of me but soon enough everything was fine. We had sex with no problem. Even later that night I was fine. But then I realized that I had vaginal tearing. It is extremely painful. When I urinate it burns ( I mean it is a cut on my vagina) I know this has to happen to other women, so what do you do to bare with the pain? How long does it take to go away?
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by JJety, Jul 31, 2006
It actually sounds like you have irritation from being too dry.  Be sure to use some KY Jelly next time and you shouldn't have a problem.
by lhowell, Jul 31, 2006
It will heal on it's own.  When you urinate, lean forward so the urine doesn't flow past the sore area.  That's what I've done in the past.
by divaboo, Aug 01, 2006
I learned the urinating trick a little too late. But it worked today. Its good to know at least that if this happens again (God forbid) that I know some tricks on soothing this pain. Its going away but it still burns time to time and is still reddish.
by jl927, Aug 04, 2006
I have been dealing with this problem for a little while now and don't know what to do.  I have a little cut/tear at the opening of my vagina and it makes sex very painful.  We use lube, but it is still painful.  Does anyone know what to do help this heal?
by redheadwife, Aug 23, 2006
i made my boyfriend do foreplay cause its fun and make sure I dont tear anymore
by twizzle, Sep 01, 2006
I have that problem too. Any Idea on how long to wait before trying sex again?
by gisselle22, Sep 06, 2006
I totally understand what you guys are talking about. I have had this problem for about a year now. My hypothesis is that im always very dry when my BF penetrates me and I think that once it happens the first time, it will keep happening because the skin is very sensitive down there, and the moisture doesnt help at all. I have learend that tje only way I will get only a minimal tear is if we have sex in water, like a pool or the shower. I would really like to find a solution to this because I enjoy sex, but that constant pain makes it about 80 % less enjoyable. I hope someone, somewhere finds a cure, and when you do, please let me know!
by bts25, Jul 18, 2007
my girlfriend just had a tear tonight :( we have both never heard of this and she is very frightened. Can it get infected? I want to calm her down but without knowing anything about it myself i dont know how. Is it normal for it to bleed a lot? How should she feel internally? from what she said it felt "tight" inside her.
by sizzle78, Aug 29, 2007
I am having the same problem, Ive never tore before ever not even when i had my kids, but my bf and i had sex for the first time last week and i know it has to be a tear, it hurts so bad when i urinate, like stings bad. And when i get up and walk around its irritating also. Im not sure what to do.