Vaginal abscess?
by LillyLynn, Jan 15, 2007
My left outer labia has been sore and swollen for a couple days...I just had a UTI so I thought it could be a yeast infection becuase of the antibiotics. This morning I noticed a skittle sized lump on my inner labia.  It was already "oozing"---yeah VERY gross I know. I havent been sore that much today but i am still a little swollen and there is still very little pus--more like a clear substance and barely a bump there.  Can anyone tell me whats happening? I got tested for std's and Im negative for EVERYTHING.  I no longer have health insurance so I need allll the advice and help I can get. Thanks.
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by socgirl, Jan 15, 2007
it could be a zit....it's rather rare to have a pimple in that area....but it's happened before.  Also if you were on anti-biotics, sometimes that can mess with the ph levels and stuff in your vagina.  I once had a friend who got a pimple in that area every time she recovered from a cold, was on antibiotics for something, etc.
by strawberry_322, Jan 15, 2007
Yeah I know what your talking about, don't worry your not the only one that has em .

I used to get it the following morning after BDing, which prevented any more BDing until it cleared up.
I GP said not to worry that they were inflammed pores possibly from being infected or inturned hairs.

My ones oozed puss/blood (sorry tmi), but once popped they would be gone.  
You know since I have been taking meds for Hypothyroidism since August 2006 Iv'e not had any, weird eh?

Uncomfortable, I know

by LillyLynn, Jan 15, 2007
yeah I was thinking thats what it could be...Yuck!!!!  I dont know why i would still be swollen. Thanks for the information...I need all I can get! I tend to worry A LOT.
by justmeaskin, Jan 16, 2007
coild be an abcess or boil.. and it could be bacterial.. like with staph or something. I'd have it looked at if it doesnt dry up in  a day or two
by LillyLynn, Jan 17, 2007
I went to the doctor today and it is a cyst. He said it is infected so he gave me some antibiotics and said it should go away. I am soooo happy that this is all it was! woo! It sure had me scared!
by mary683, Jan 28, 2008
I believe I have a similar problem.  It first looked like a zit, and gradually got bigger.  Looks like a big blister/ boil.  Only its not on my outer labia, its the inner labia, on the right side. Was yours on the outter or inside?                  
by catastrifina, Sep 19, 2008
I have had these before.  There are 2 main causes.  #1 Ingrown hair. for this i suggest you go see a skin doc he can write you a script for medicine to bring the hair to the surface or you could go to the regular doc and have him lance it open (OUCH!).  #2 Abcess usually caused by an irritated fat cell. these can put your overall health at risk if not taken care of quickly these are usually very deep in the skin and can not be "popped" at home, they must be lanced and antibiotics will usually be given (also linen packing may be needed depending on the size of it, to keep it from comming back.  This WILL leave a scar) If it is on the inside lips it is probly a plugged duct, you have one on both sides of the vaginal opening.  Over all if you have any painful "bumps" downstairs play it safe and see a doc even if you dont have insurance you can still go to the emergency room and be seen they cant turn you away its better safe than sorry when dealing with any possible infection.
by 2hot4pc, May 14, 2009
I had a crazy big gigantic lump on my left vaginal lip which was so swollen with blood and puss that the pressure was un bearable and would not pop for nothing.
I went to my OB gyn and she gave me a shot so I would feel the pain, and she put a hole in it and squeezed the day lights out of it. The blood and puss that came out of it was shocking. While it didn't go down right away, it felt so much better. She prescribed me dicloxacillin and said take it 4 times a day for 5 days. It went away in a few days. She said its an abscess.
I got another one now and its really small comapared to the one I had before but its on the right side this time she prescribed me dicloxacillin again and said it should go away soon. This time it didn't need to be popped because its really small and donts hurt at all like the first one.
Hope this helps but I do suggest to anyone to not rely on a fourm / website for info to go to a doctor or emergency room to get it taken care of.
by amanda2525, Jul 30, 2009
thank you girls for the information i cant affored to see a doctor right know so this is helpful