Weird soft bump in pubic hair
by xKittyx, Dec 15, 2011
I have notice a weird bump in my pubic hair there is only one. It's like soft, round and hurts when you put pressure on it. I haven't been really taking care of myself because something happen in my life and I'm a bit worried about it and not sure if I should go to the doctor or not. I hadn't have sex like for a month and a half around there.  
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by secrets16, Dec 16, 2011
i have the same problem.im only 16 years old and have had only one sex partner for a year now.i shave most of the time but this dont look like a razor bump.i read other peoples posts too and they have also had the same problem.most of them said their doctors told them its a ingrown hair but im still getting checked out tomorrow.i know its not an std but its still very helpful to get checked out and know for sure.if you shave theres a 50/50 chance it could be an ingrown hair or something else.
by lmaher87, Dec 19, 2011
it is definatly an ingrown hair i have them from time to time i try to get the ingrown hair free if possible. theres nothing ot be concerned about however if the bump beings to get bigger and there is pain and swelling without irritating it yourself then i'd be concerned.
by kelseyboo, Dec 22, 2011
It could be an ingrown hair, or it could be somthing like staff infection. I cought staff from having a 3 some, and I would take it back in a heart beat, because I get these bumps that pop up, they are soft at first, they get painful, grow, and get hard, and pop. I have had to go to the ER to get it lanced, and THAT is the most painful thing I've ever been through, and embarassing. Just think, your in pain, you want it gone, but there's 3+ people in the room, feeling/looking down there, they cut it open, and pack it. GOD, that is soooo painful, luckily I have been using hibicleanse, it works pretty good, and most of the time, I try to pop them myself, or keep heat on it. I hate it. :( This is very common though, it's not staff, it's like staff. I didn't really understand the whole thing, you'll have to ask your docor. Best of luck!
by awesomeblossom175, Jan 07, 2012
hey im been havin these wierd bump like pimples in mi pubic area sense i was 11 nd im sexuly active wen im in the mood .im 2 scared 2 tell mi mom or go 2 a doctor 4 help. im only 12 yrs old and sumtimes the bumps hurt now nd then but they dont go away though. ive sqeeze them then this wierd puss subtense starts 2 *** out then blood afterwards like a pimple so. i sumtimes have accidents sumtimes i think thats the problem or i mit have a yeast infection or sumthin. so i do need help really bad 4 mi problem .thx
by MistyBarnett, Jan 07, 2012
i am sorry to say but it sounds like a STD and you need to talk to your mom and go to the doctor it could be really bad and if it is a STD the you could spread it to others. if you are going to have sex at your age you need to make the guy use a condom  no matter what