What is the normal size of the uterus?
by Sgarza, Aug 25, 2006
I've recently undergone a pelvic ultrasound and CT scan for fibroid tissues.  Results just back and informed uterus is massively enlarged.  What is the normal size of a uterus? If the uterus is removed abdominally, how big is the incision? Thanks.
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by AnnieBrooke, Aug 25, 2006
Normal size of a non-pregnant uterus is sort of the size of a pear or maybe an avocado for a bigger girl.  It grows to grapefruit size very fast in early pregnancy, then on from there.  A very stretchy muscle, and very accomodating of things inside it.  Skin is stretchy too, so they might be able to get a large uterus out of a pretty small incision.  Good luck!
by leslie_elaine, Aug 25, 2006
I just had an ultrasound done and the comments said "uterus is normal in size measuring 6.9 x 3.1 x 4.7cm. Hopefully that helps you!
by reena86, Feb 09, 2008
My ultrasound scan report says that i have a slightly smaller sized uterus...and also am non-pregnant....is there any prob of having a slightly smaller sized uterus??????
by gem168, Sep 06, 2008
my uterus is enlarged and elongated to 12cm and demonstrates multiple
fibroid nodules, including posterior intramural fibroid nodule 4.26cm
and showing pre-degenerative changes. The central endometrial echo shows some distortion. do i have to remove my uteus?
by gem168, Sep 06, 2008
my uterus is enlarge to 12cm and demonstrates multiple fibroids nodules
do i have to remove my uterus?
by shely775, Nov 17, 2008
Ive been experiencing extreeme pain in my pelvic area which led my dr. to send me for a pelvic sonogram my uterus is 13 x 4.8 x6.8 cm. i have 2 cysts on my ovaries, and multiple fibroids. What should my next step be????
by sun111, Nov 22, 2008
what is the normal size of uterus
by traceybrett, Feb 26, 2009
I am 31 weeks pregnant and my uterus measures 39 !! im no doc but know this isnt right does this mean i can go into labour early ?

Thanks Tracey