What is the strongest birth control pill on the market?
by spazmother, Sep 18, 2005
i was curious what is the strongest birth control pill on the market. i am on Tri-Nessa (generic version of Ortho Tri-Cyclin). it that the most strongest one? or is ortho cyclin stronger? i was on the low version but i wanted to be on the strongest pill out there not only for pregnancy but for acne problems i developed after giving birth to my son a year ago. thank you for your input!
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by JoAnnaRF, Sep 19, 2005
My 16 year old daughter uses Yasmin for medical reasons, but another PLUS from this med is that she now has NO acne where before it was really bad. Not sure of the strength of the ones you listed or their affectiveness on acne, but just wanted to let you know what I have seen work.
by dumhead, Sep 19, 2005
Okay i'm dum. (look, its even my nickname!) I have been on Depo for 5 years as I initially could not remember to take the pill. Gave up after a month of worrying.

So, now I am older twentysomething and don't want to ask anyone I know for fear of looking like an idiot....

Can you have sex on the last 7 days of your pill pack? (sugar pills)

See, my dilemma is, my Depo will not bring my period back right away. Usually takes 6+ months, so the doctors and some friends I know say. So I will just be taking the sugar pills (or stopping after 21) and not have a period. But does this mean that I am safe to have sex during this time?

thanks for listening!
by Christie2004, Sep 19, 2005
"Strong" is not always best.  What the doctors shoot for is the least amount of hormones that offers the highest amount of protection.  Also, there are different types of pills that work the best for acne--they are NOT all alike in that regard.  

High amounts of estrogen can lead to other problems.  That's why the pills of the past have been largely abandoned in favor of lower doses.  Taken properly and strictly on time, they are effective.
by IWantToBeAMom, Sep 22, 2005
That's a very interesting question.  I don't know the exact answer, but it kind of seems like if you're not getting your period then you won't be ovulating so the answer would be yes, it's safe.  However, you could also look on the flip-side and say that you were taking the hormones (pills) and then stopped for a week so maybe your body would ovulate...especially closer to the 6 month mark.  That's very interesting.  If no one else answers, surely your doc would know, or you could just plan to use a condom during that week.
by OtherLove, May 13, 2008
I am also looking for a stronger birth control pill.  I am currently on Ortho Tri-Cyclen, but I constantly bleed through.  I have a set alarm, and take it at the same time everyday, but it's not strong enough for my body.  I've had a depo shot twice before, and it was like having a 6 month period.

I'm allergic to latex, and my partner does not fit polyurethane condoms. Trojans are too small, but the durex ones are too big.  These are the only two male polyurethane condoms available here.  I've tried spermicide jellies, but I am very sensitive to chemicals and have reactions.  I've been considering an IUD but I'm afraid I would react to that as well.  If I don't find a resolution, sex is really not an option for my partner and I unless we plan of conceiving which I don't think will be for years yet.
by amteague777, Aug 18, 2008
I came here for answers about stronger birth control too. I used Ortho Tri-Cyclen for almost 10 years with no problems, then got break through bleeding. Switched to Levora (I think they give this a lot because it's cheaper and in my opinion no good)- had horrible PMS, headaches and breakouts. Stopped after one month. Switched to Ortho Cyclen - am on 5th month I think and still having breakthrough bleeding. I am so frustrated. I love the Ortho brand, but I think Ortho Cyclen is the strongest they make.
by dkh2006, Jul 16, 2009
I have been bleeding for almost 3 months now.  I have had blood work and a pelvic exam done however there is nothing abnormal so my doctor has no idea why I can't stop.  I have been on progesterone and now zovia 1/35.  Is there a stronger pill that will help me stop!!!
by b_healthy, Jan 07, 2010
I've been on Yasmin for almost a year now and it's pretty great. The first month I started using it, i didn't even get any spotting or anything. Before i went on it i used to get horrible pms, probably one of the worst kinds where it actually makes you vomit from the pain and since being on this pill it has taken away almost all the pain, my complexion is a lot better and it just works really well. before the pill i was on some other medication for pms that was the strongest stuff available next to the pill so i'm pretty sure yasmin is one of the stronger ones.
by concerned_huby, May 01, 2012
i need to know what pill is freely availebel over the counter me and my wife travel alot and cant alwais get to the doc for prescriptions so what can u get over the counter at almost every pharmacy and is a fairly strong pill