White Bump on Clitoris
by lycan, Dec 17, 2008
Hi I am 18 years old and have never been to a gyno and I am not sexually active; however, I have noticed recently that I have a white bump directly on my clitoris and after doing research I had thought it was a cyst but it has not come to a head and when I tried to pop it because I thought it was a pimple I felt extreme pain as if someone had kicked me on my clitoris. There is no itch and discharge is normal. This white bump makes me rather uneasy and I feel like it could be abnormal since it wasn't always there. I was wondering if anyone knew what this could be?
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by GRose, Dec 17, 2008
Hun, you are 18, you should be seeing a gyno every six months for a pap smear. I would start going now, that bump is your perfect excuse to see one for the first time.

I cringed at the thought of trying to pop something on my clit, leave it alone, don't pop it.
Go to the Gyno.
by Jordi76, Dec 17, 2008
It can be scary when you find bumps on places they shouldn't be!  I just recently went to the Gyno about a white bump on the inside of my inside.  Make since, it didn't make since to my Dr. either.  I had to point it out to her.  She then proceeded to smash and pick and poke the darn thing and nothing came out.  She tried to drain it and she said that it didn't look like any kind of herpes or warts.  So she gave me antibiotics and that didn't help it.  It just eventually went away, still don't know what it was.  She told me not to worry about it.  Mine didn't hurt though, you might just have an ingrown hair or infected hair fallical.  If it soon don't go away I would make an appointment b/c you still need to have a pap smear on a regular basis every year b/c I was diagnosed with the good ol' cancer cells on my cervix last year---trust me you don't won't to have a leep procedure!!  Go to the Doctor and have your stuff checked out!
by curlydog415, Dec 17, 2008
i would not worry about it!  i had the same thing a couple of different times and it lasted about 3 weeks and then just went away on its own...
by curlydog415, Jun 14, 2009
well, just and update.  the bumps went away after about 2-3 weeks for those of you reading this...
by Almoc, Jan 12, 2011
First, you don't need to see a gyno until you are 21 unless you have a problem or are sexually active. Second, I have also had these bumps. I was told that they were from friction such as tight jeans.
by xcherryxblossom, Jan 31, 2011
I have something just like that and it really hurts and it's not going away. I don't want to see a doctor and once I pulled one weird white thing out and 3 more came back!! Btw I'm 13 and not sexually active.
by Kmmexx, May 06, 2011
I also have a White bump on the inside of my clit and I'm nit sexually active and only 14 I don't know what it is. The rest of the comments say that it will go away, but I'm scared to tallk to family or friends about it, any ideas?
by lollipop63, Aug 13, 2011
Omg im 14 too!!! and im soooo SCARED!!! like i had mine FOREVER!!!!!! on my Labia and Clit...!!!!! and all over!! and i told my mom we made 4 app. But their all got cancled bcuz the doctors are dumb.!!!! so i still didnt get it checked out.!!! i saw pics and i saw alot that looked like mine and it looked like cancer!! and im so scared. b/c Cancer runs in my Family!! and their like white bumps Little!!! not all the same size.. and their likebumpy feeling but ughhhhh
by simplyme775, Sep 20, 2011
i am very scared i noticed a few days ago a bump it was wite like and hard right on my clit it has gotten bigger what should i so i am so scared