White edge around vagina opening
by FreezerBurn, Oct 23, 2007
I feel burning and have a white edge around my opening of my vagina.  It looks like it is freezer burnt.  Slight itching, but not bad.  What could this be?
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by free spirit, Oct 24, 2007
It could be either lichen sclerosis  or  lichen scleroderma.   You need to have a dermatologist check you out.  It is treatable, but will get worse without any treatment.

by honey1982, Oct 26, 2007
it could also be bv or trich. white area on the vagina mean infection. pink area in vagina mean a healthy vagina. i am a certified medical assisatant but could very well be the above mention dx. i would say go to the ob/gyn and get pap smear and culture sent to the lab.
by confused1124, Feb 07, 2009
I've had this problem for the last 2 months..
It happened a couple weeks after unprotected sex. My doctor diagnosed it as a yeast infection without swabbing it. However, another doctor swabbed it and it was negative for yeast. I have been tested for STDs including chlamydia, trich, gnorrea and I took a blood test for herpes (results should be back by next week). The doctor who DID swab it said she had no idea what it was (and she works at the STD clinic).

What could it be?? It's been 2 months!
by leaves14, May 27, 2010
Have any of the above posters resolved their issues???  I have been having inflammation, pain, and the skin around the opening of my vagina is white for about 10 months now. I have been tested for bacteria, yeast, parasites,and all std's (all negative). I've been to three gynocologists and no one can determine what is wrong with me. I am seeing another specialist next week. I am really hoping he can properly diagnose and treat me. In the meantime I am searching online and talking to other women w/ similar problems. Please let me know how your current situation is and please tell me what has helped you. Thanks!
by Worried_0123, Jun 10, 2010
I have the exact symptoms that "FreezerBurn" is talking about. Noticed some itching in my inner vagina a couple of days ago.  I took a look yesterday because the itch didn't seem normal and i saw in the inner part of my vagina on the edge of the skin is white.  Like the other person described like the tip is freezer burnt.  I've never experience anything like that.  There is no strange ordor or discharge.  I've made an appointment to see my doctor but am really worried about it.  Anyone here got any answers when they went to the doctor on what this could be?  Please let me know.
by leaves14, Jun 10, 2010
Please keep us updated as to what your doctor says. Good luck and I'll be thinking of you.......  Just curious..... Do you have an other symptoms: burning, inflammation, pain, etc???
by Worried_0123, Jun 10, 2010
No other symptoms for now.  
by Worried_0123, Jun 12, 2010
I'm kinda freaking out because last year my now ex-bf gave me HPV and found he was cheating on me with Multiple women.  Hence, giving me HPV.  I got the warts treated and haven't had sex in almost a year because the whole ordeal freaked me out.  approx. two weeks ago, i was intimate with someone and we were maybe two minutes into vaginal sex when we realized the condom broke and I just stopped completely after that....I got so paranoid.  Now, two weeks later i'm having these symptoms and am hoping it's not related to any of that but my mind keeps going back to the HPV of last year and the condom breaking two weeks ago.  I have to wait to see my doctor this week and am hoping its just some type of yeast infection.  Although, I have gotten those in the past and there was a discharge but never a whitening of my inner vagina.  Cross your fingers for me and I will definately let you know the outcome but if anyone here in the meantime has ANY idea of what it could be....Please let me know.
by leaves14, Jun 12, 2010
I know this is way easier said than done, but I would try to not worry too much until you see the doctor and hopefully have some test results. Make sure the doctor knows you have HPV, and be totally honest about your recent sexual activity. I would request a full std screening including blood work. Just in case it is simply yeast you might got to your local health food store and ask for a good probiotic for women. Even if it's not yeast, the probiotic would be good for you. Well, I understand your pain. Lately, I feel like I'm holding on by a thread. So, if you ever need to talk.... I'm here. We can continue to post publicly or feel free to send me a private message if you like. Although it's very hard for me as well, I'm going to try to take my own advice and not worry myself sick. I'm going to try to start my day. (((((((((((((((e-hug)))))))))))))))