White vaginal bumps on virgin?
by basicallyaparty, Mar 03, 2010
I am a virgin, 17 and while doing a self exam I noticed I have small white bumps on the inside of my vagina. I occasionally have heavy clearish white vaginal discharge and itching(although I shave my pubic hair). Would this be a yeast infection or is  it something serious. I have an appt with my gyno for next week but I am rather worried and would like to know whether or not my fears are founded.
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by scared_todeath, Mar 03, 2010
it could be a yeast infection or bacterial vaginitis you should probably go to a doctor and figure out which cause they give the same symptoms
by nikki19962011, Nov 21, 2011
Hello im 15 and im a virgin to your not the only one i thought for a long time that i was wired or i was like the only girl that could have these little white spot looking things inside my vagnia but know researching this for months i know im not its nothing to worry about if they dont hurt or you dont know they are there unless you look at them its most probably just a senitive skin thing it depends also what you wash yourself with because like any other parts of the body you vagnia has senitive skin or it could just be simly a yeast infection i havent been looked at my self but thats what i found most people said dont worry about it theres loads of other girls that have them too