Why is my vaginal discharge brown?
by 1funbug, May 01, 2013
I'm 15 and I've been getting my period for 3 years now and I've had white discharge before. I was supposed to get my period 3 days ago, but instead I have just been getting brown discharge. I've never had brown before. I've also never had sex, although I masturbated 4 days ago (it wasn't my first time). Could this have anything to do with it? I have also been really stressed lately. I have been as late as two weeks. I used the handle of a razor (the blades had a cover) to masturbate, and I'm really scared that my brother might have accidentally ejaculated onto the razor (it had been sitting in the shower) and gotten sperm onto the handle. If he did, could I be pregnant? I know that you can only get pregnant from sexual activity. I'm probably just being paranoid, but my friend had a pregnancy scare last week. Is that possible? Thanks!
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by user44, May 01, 2013
Why are you masturbating with a razor?
Why are you masturbating at all? Your 15.
by Anonymouse88, May 01, 2013
Brown discharge is old blood that has had time to rust.  A delay in your period by a few days could make what came out at first brown.  Or you could have some very slow spotting, which happens.

You are being paranoid about getting pregnant.  Sperm are not going to live that long outside of the body, and why would your brother ejaculate on the handle anyway?  Razor handles don't tend to be the most sanitary things to masturbate with, though.  Go buy a cheap dildo and hide it in your sock drawer or something, and just wash it before each use.  Putting a condom on the outside of the thing you're going to masturbate with is a good way to keep things clean.  You could probably use a glove (cut off the finger) if you can't have condoms around and the object is small enough for the glove finger to fit over.  

User44: There's no need for that tone.  People do all sorts of not-so-smart things, like having unprotected sex after not taking their birth control.  At least masturbation doesn't get you pregnant.  She just needs some refinement of technique.  Most girls are through puberty or far enough through it at 15 to be feeling sexual desire (if you can be a mother at 12...).  Finally, it's none of your business at what age she expresses herself sexually, since she wasn't asking about it.
by Babygurly22, May 01, 2013
@user44 if u dont have anything nice or useful to say get the hell off

Hello hun, im sorry u are so scared. Let me tell u i am 19 yo and engaged and trying for a baby(fiance n i have been together 5 yrs) so ive gone theough just about everything with puberty n i understand its stressful. Brown blood as anonymouse said is old blood. It could also be that ur body is just changing. Ur only 15 remember so ur body still has a few years if changing to go through. As for the masturbation, thats not too saniatry or safe to be using that. Either wash ur hands and use them or buy something to use that is safe such as a vibrator or dildo and get urself some condoms to slip over them. I wouldnt worry to much about the discharge as of right now as i said ur body is just probably acting "annoying" lol and changing. Good luck hun n i hope this helped n im here if u want to talk <3 xoxo
by KaylaMarie25, May 02, 2013
i have a feeling that you believe in the saying "good girls don't touch themselves" and that saying is an old wives tale. alot of kids/adults masturbate. baby boys have been known to "touch themselves" in the womb. so there's no need to be rude. and i agree with babygurly, if you don't have anything nice or helpful to say, then just keep your negativity to yourself.
by Stephyoung211288, May 02, 2013
hey im 24 and i jus had 6 days of brown blood which i have never had before but it has turned out to be 'old blood' i asked the question on here aswell. your bodys just changing like mines and your hormones are all over the place. i agree with what others say on here about the razer you should try somethng a bit safer hun n its only natural to want 2 masterbate, its good you are still a virgin shows you have respect for yourself most kids now are in such a rush to lose their virginty when they are just kids themselves. hope this helped.
by invaderzee28, Jun 18, 2013
Masturbating is common and normal for every human being of every age. Get your facts straight.