Worried about vaginal lip length and odor/discharge!!
by beautiful_starrs, Aug 10, 2006
I don't mean to sound grosse with this post, Im looking for some advice so please bear with me!! :) I am twenty years old, and have dealt with minor to moderate odor and discharge for many years, at least 3 or 4. The discharge is a whitish color and is enough to bother me, maybe about a tspoon every day. I dont ever get through the day with a dry panties. I also have odor that's enough to make me self conscious about my body. It doesn't smell "fishy" just kind of like BO from sweat or something, it just doesn't smell clean or nice. It is like this no matter how often I shower or wash, within thirty minutes of getting out of the tub it smells again. I am a very clean person so this really bothers me!! I have dealt with this for so long because I am shy I guess from asking the doctor about it. Also, my vagina lips are too long; this is my biggest thing I have about my body. It literally kept me from having sex for a year longer than I would have waited had I felt "normal". They are very noticeable when I wear a thong or bathing suit. It is rare that I will go swimming due to this! My lips measure about 1 1/2 to 2" in length-I am not sure what a "normal" size is but I know mine are not. This has bothered me ever since I realized that they were not right and now me and my boyfriend of three years just broke up, and I am more anxious than ever of being with someone new. I have a 15 month old so I have gone to the Dr regularly before, so I know I don't have any stds. Anyone know how abnormal these things are, or how much surgery would cost to fix my lips? ANY ADVICE? THNX SOMUCH!
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by justlittleolme, Aug 10, 2006
you know... vaginas come in all shapes sizrs, smoothnesses, bumpinesses, etc...

I thought I had something SERIOUSLY wrong with me because I have these like bumpies (not like sores... like bumpy skin) near the bottom of my vagina.. more on one side.... the OB said he saw nothing out of the ordinary and we are just built different. I also have big "lips". Only one of my ex's have commented on it and he thought it was pretty cool. I'm always self concious about how "open" I am.  In pics and stuff you usually see these outer lips covering... but near the bottom mine do not meet and like I said, you can see the opening to my vagina and those bumpies on the side.

I havent had A LOT of partners by any means, but none of the ones I have had have ever said anything about it being wierd or anything... kwim?

As for discharge... I think its fairly normal. If its clumpy then it could be yeasty??? I do know that some women sweat more than others there... not sure on remedies, but its not something to be embarrassed about at all... its completley normal. Hopefully someone on here can relate and give you some tips to help :)
by beautiful_starrs, Aug 11, 2006
Thanks for the comments, justlittleolme! It's not clumpy or anything, as I had already examined the issue of yeast and it's not that. It's just bothersome, something that I have to deal with on a daily basis and I just know that none of my girlfriends in like basketball in high school ever had to deal with this same thing and I don't get what it is or what I could do to treat it. I am hoping, like you said, that someone will be able to identify with me and offer some advice!! Thanks again for your post, every little bit of info/advice helps!! :) :)
by need_help_plz, Aug 11, 2006
There can be several things that could be causing the discharge. Starting with what comes to mind is BV Bacterial vaginosis. If you do some reading on this condition you will find out if this is more to your discharge, etc. Because some people with this don't always have symptoms at all, but with the discharge this might be something you want to ask your doctor about. I have read that another sign would be a "fishy" smell, but that is not always present like you. So to be safe I would get checked out because if this could possibly be it then it needs to be treated before it does damage. I would ever not go to the doctor if I thought something is wrong with me and you shouldn't either. I realize it can be imbarrassing but just think how many people actually go in for the same thing, the doctors see that type of stuff all the time. You can only hurt yourself by not being treated.

Best of luck.
by monkeyflower, Aug 11, 2006
"I just know that none of my girlfriends in like basketball in high school ever had to deal with this same thing"

How do you know this? Did you ask? Honestly, you sound perfectly normal to me. That discharge is how your body cleans itself. The scent could be an infection, or it could be just how you smell. No one is unscented - and that's a good thing :-)

As for labia size, you are also perfectly normal. Betty Dodson has said vulvas are like snowflakes - all are different, and all are beautiful. Size, color and texture vary WIDELY from person to person. I'll also add that many, many, MANY men (and women) find larger inner labia extremely sexy. Trust me on this one. This is a huge generalization, but I bet any guy who has issues with it is probably VERY inexperienced (like you, believes it's not "normal" because he's seen few actual vulvas) or has other issues. Anyway, I really think you'd benefit from seeing some other vulvas. Check out the book "Femalia" by Joani Blank, or www.bettydodson.com. Google "large labia" and check out the first site. I think you'll see that you're in excellent company ;-)
by AnnieBrooke, Aug 11, 2006
I once asked my husband about this when a poster on the Women's Forum talked about her labia being "too big," and I asked if a man would ever think a woman's lips there are too big. He laughed and said "Never in a million years."  Apparently if a guy is in the happy position of seeing a woman's labia in person, the last thing on his mind is the size of her lips.  All labia seem to be created equal in men's minds.  

As for the discharge, ask the ob-gyn to do a culture.  Maybe it's not yeast, but it could be something, and wouldn't it matter to you to know?  Don't be too shy of the doc, he or she has seen so much that your question won't even register a "1" on the surprise scale.

Good luck, sweetheart, you are not misshapen or even unusual!  And GUYS DON'T CARE.  

by jhawley, Aug 11, 2006
As a male, I can tell you that I have never once heard another male comment negatively about the size of a "woman's lips."  If they comment at all, it is a positive reaction.  For a man, no matter what a vagina looks like, it's just great to see one.  Relax and whatever you do, don't have surgery to fix something that is not broken and which, in fact, many men will find extraordinarily attractive.
by oceans3, Aug 11, 2006
where did you come from??? LOL. all of a sudden vaginal lips are being talked about and men come out of the woodwork! see poster, you have nothing to worry about!  nice to have a mans perspective on these things.
by beautiful_starrs, Aug 11, 2006
Thank you guys SO MUCH for all the great tips!!! You have really made me feel better and encouraged me. I agree with oceans and really appreciate the male feedback as well!! :) Thanks for caring-you guys rock! :)