Yeast Infection, Monistat 1 Day Too Strong, Still Having Problems... Need Advice
by myangel503, Aug 07, 2006
I have never had yeast infections until now. A few months ago I thought I was having a reaction to the new pads I was using. My vagina was swollen and red, slightly itchy; no discharge the second day after my period started.  After days of suffering, I went to the Dr. who said it probably was the pads.  He said he didn't see any yeast but took a culture just to be sure. They called and said I had a VERY bad yeast infection.  This time I started feeling similar to the last time. By day 3 I was swollen and red again with mild itching and a white/clear stretchy discharge. I have been with a new partner since Nov. 2005 and these problems have started since then. I seem to be irritated down there almost always after we have sex. Do you think maybe it's his body chemistry that isn't mixing well with my "inside"? I had a refill for a Diflucan 150mg so I called it in and took it [on day 3 after symptoms started and already had gotten bad]. Me being impatient decided to go to the drug store the next day and get an over the counter yeast product as well [1st time using]. I bought the Monistat 1 ovule.  The next morning I was extremely red and raw looking, swollen and miserable. The stuff looked like glue up there. It stayed extremely red and swollen for a good two days. By day 3 is seemed slightly better, but I still feel so irritated down there. There looks like a white film on the inside of my labia. The skin still looks raw; almost like that Monistat ate the top layer of skin. Day 5 today. Slight itch. No swelling but still looks raw with white film. We are both neg for STD'S.
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by myangel503, Aug 07, 2006

Just like the last time I started feeling something not right within hours of having sex. He shaves and has felt stubbly on occasion so I thought maybe that was tearing me inside and causing trauma and a good breeding ground for a severe yeast infection. I just don't know!  I am scared and can't stand this feeling or how it looks. I can't get into see my Dr. and I didn't know where else to turn. Have any of you experienced the same or similar situation. Have any of you had a bad reaction to Monistat?  It's hard for me to tell if it would have cleared with the Diflucan because of what happened [I think] as a result of taking the Monistat. I wish I had NEVER taken the Monistat. Now I am worried that something else is wrong.  Do you think the problems I experienced were due to the Monistat? My Dr. also called me in a 200mg Diflucan which I took the day after inserting the Monistat.  It had a refill on it so I called that in and just took that.  That is 550mg of Diflucan within 7 days and I still don
by worried0817, Aug 07, 2006
Hey myangel503!!  Well, I have had a similar experience with the Monistat 1-day.  I used the 1-day b/c I thought it would be easier and quicker, but much to my surprise I have had problems ever since.  I took the monistat, and the itching went away, but I still had this strange burning/hot sensation down there.  I waited a few days thinking it was the Monistat and it was just doing it's job.  I made an app. with my GYN and she said that the Monistat is soooo strong, that it basically threw everything off balance.  I still had yeast and then had BV, which had reoccured for 4 months.  I still have a strange sensation every now and then, and am still trying not to think about it b/c the situation had made me totally paranoid.  My doc said that she would not recomend the 1-day to anyone and that they should take it off the shelves b/c she has had many patients with this same situation.  I know it's not totally the same as you, but this might help knowing that you are NOT the only woman out there dealing with this b/c of that damn Monistat 1-day.
Hope everything works out
by myangel503, Aug 07, 2006
Thank you for your comment.  How long ago did this happen to you?  You say that you are still suffering so I am just curious.  It sounds like you are saying this could possibly be  a lifelong problem?  What you described is sort of what I am feeling now, a burning/hot sensation vs an actual itching sensation.
by worried0817, Aug 07, 2006
Hey!  Well I didn't mean to scare you and make you think that you are messed up for life.  I took the Monistat back in either April or May, and I waited the 7 days I think it was that they said you should have results by...the itching was gone, but this strange burning/hot feeling was there.  Like I said the doc told me it threw everything out of wack and I still had yeast and then BV which I couldn't get rid of for a few months.  3 doctors appointments later, (and too much $)She did a swab of my discharge and said there was no longer any BV or yeast.  She suggested taking Acidophilus supplements, which I have been taking regularly since then.  I don't know how much research you have done on this, but if you are like me I was glued to the computer whenever I had a spare second, and luckily found this site, which really helped me as well.  There is natural bacteria in the vagina and acidophilus helps the good bacteria fight the bad basically.  There is so much more to it, but if you just google it you will find tons of info.  I was also told not to wear tight clothing, only cotton panties, don't wear any undies whenever you can (especially to bed). I don't know what the casue of this is, I do still feel this sensation occationally, sometimes I don't even think about it and it won't bother me for a couple of days, but sometimes it does.  I was also tested for STD's just in case, which I knew was not the problem.  I really really wish I had something else to tell you, something that would heal you and me.  I am planing on making another app. within the next few weeks just to make sure.  Are you experiencing a discharge?  I still have a thin milk like discharge sometimes.  I am glad that I'm not the only one with this sensation that is hard to explain..I was beining to think I was going crazy or something.  Please if you find anything out let me know and I will do the same, I promise!!  I know how this has effected me and my sex life, so the faster we can help eachother the better.  Please post if you have other questions or something that I didn't answer.
Good Luck!  Worried0817
by oceans3, Aug 07, 2006
sometimes we dont get the traditional "cottage cheese" discharge with a YI. sometimes its the itching and/or burning that is most evident. either way, you have one. you have been diagnosed with one and have the symptoms.
yes, i know exactly what you mean about that burning. its almost like a rug burn on the inner lips. like you said, skin tearing away a layer.
if i were you i would place an ice pack down there for a while. next time you go out, go to the drugstore and buy the 7 day cream insert that you use at night before bed. no pills, no 1 day, no 3 day. sometimes you can get the kind that has a small tube of the external lotion to help. believe it or not, that made me worse down there and it took one application (of the external) for the burning to start, so you may want to avoid that. i get the drugstore brand that is comparable to monistat. a week of the cream is a lot i know but its better than going through all of this as i found out myself. when it was all said and done, i had this for about a month ( decided to let nature take its course and not do a thing) couldnt wait anymore and got the 7 day cream. i felt so much better by the 3rd day but you must continue even if you feel better.
sometimes we can get a YI right before or after our periods. everything is off balance. sex can aggrevate it even if you didnt know a YI was on its way. lack of lubrication /too much friction. you may also have some type of allergic reaction if you guys are using a certain lubricant.
good job with the aveeno soap you are using.
many feel this works and does not work but it cannot hurt trying....eat a couple containers of yogurt to help balance things down there.
i also know tea tree oil is an antifungal. it will help with that itching but you must dilute it or it can burn the skin (thats all you need). i may soak a cotton ball in water and sprinkle the oil on it and rub it around. or put some in a spray bottle and squirt yourself. i am hesitant to suggest that just because you seem like me...sensitive to a lot of products so maybe skip that idea.
post again with whats going on okay??? i feel your pain! go get the icepack. RUN!
by myangel503, Aug 07, 2006
worried0817 - I, like you have spent every free moment glued to this computer. There is so much information out there though and it gets pretty scary at times. A lot of stuff links Yeast Infections with Herpes and that is one thing I wasn't tested for because there were no sores or anything. Plus the swab came back that it was a VERY bad yeast infection. It has had me an emotional mess though. I have never experienced anything like this and I started to worry that it was something else and NOT the Monistat. The yeast infection was bad enough, but I think I aggravated it by using the Monistat [at least that is what I hope it was]. Your post and the one from Oceans3 have brought me much comfort. I am glad I found this site. I have been upset for days and today is the first day that I feel a little better. I do have a discharge, but it isn't the cottage cheese type you always hear about with yeast infections.  It is more like what you described. Sometimes like what we get mid cycle [the egg white type], but white and a little thicker. I too was beginning to think I was going crazy until I found this site and read your reply. I promise to post to you if I find anything else out and appreciate that you are going to do the same. This has definitely ruined my sex life. It has made me afraid to have sex again. I definitely seem irritated down there after being with this new partner. Do you think what I said in my post about what I thought the original cause of me even getting a yeast infection in the first place is correct? A friend of mine said she always had yeast infection when she was married and she always complained that he husband was sweaty and had an "odor" about him. She has been divorced for some time and has not had one yeast infection since [she has been sexually active since the divorce]. Thanks so much for your help and kind words.  Hopefully we will be able to help each other. Take care

Oceans3 - I only did the Monistat 1 day treatment with "egg shaped" ovule, one time only on 8/2 [after midnight so I guess it could be considered 8/3]. I also took Diflucan 3 times [150mg on 8/1, 200mg 8/3 and another 200mg today 8/7]. I know what you mean about it burning your lips. That is what it seems to have done to me. It looks like the top layer was just eaten away [sorry]. The white film that is left behind now is getting better but the more I look at it the more disturbing it is. I swear I never thought I would be investigating that area! I use Aveeno baby soap on my whole body so I don't use any harsh soaps and I don't douche. I read on the internet that Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with water [homemade douche] was a good natural way to cure yeast infections. Have you ever heard anything on that one? With my first yeast infection a few months back the doctor gave me a prescription for the 7 day cream Terazole. That didn't bother me at all. Even the cream that came with the Monistat 1 day combo pack for the outside seemed to irritate me when I put it on. I only put that on the first night and then threw it away because of the misery I was in that next morning. The stuff inside seemed like it was stuck up there like glue. Sex is the last thing on my mind right now :)  Thank you for your post I truly appreciate it!
by oceans3, Aug 07, 2006
this happened to me as well. when was the last treatment you did? i would stay away from the 1 day and maybe even the 3 day cream. go buy the 7 day. the 1 day is too strong (it burned me even worse on my vaginal lips). just go back to the "drawing board" and start all over again.
it will clear up but dont use a lot of soap (only mild)or if you can, just wash with water. dont douch, dont use any other creams or lotions except the 7 day. wait until it totally heals and then resume with sex. its awful i know!!!!
by sherryroberson, Aug 08, 2006
I didn't read the long answers so i'm not sure if they said this.  But also another factor you mentioned is that you seem to get it after you guys have sex, well my dr has told me that a guy can get a yeast infection and it not show any symptoms, therefore, he could be giving it back to you each time you guys have sex, i would definitly mention this to your dr, and see if he/she can prescribe a pill for your partner as well, so that the two of you will not pass it back and fourth! Good Luck!!
by free spirit, Aug 08, 2006
Slow down folks.  A little background before I get too stern. I have been dealing with a chronic YI for almost 2 years. I have done tons of research, most of which I have forgotten, but I do have some really important information that I can pass on.

Be carefull with Diflucan. It's really hard on your liver and if you are taking repeated doses, it would be good to get your liver enzymes checked.

Stop using over the counter yeast infections. The over use/misuse of these meds has caused a sharp increase in drug resistant yeast strains.  If you treat yourself, do only use the 7 day treatment. The 1 day and 3 day treatments help promote resistant strains. If you have treated yourself and the yeast infection returns, more than likely you are not using the correct medication and have the bad luck of having a resistant strain.

Don't try home remedies.  They will change/mask symptoms which will not allow the doc a clear picture of what is going on. Not to mention they will probably do more harm than good.

Oral probiotics don't have any real benefit for the vaginal tract. The bacteria that live in the vagina have the correct DNA which allows attachment to the vaginal wall. The stuff, especially the 'dried' bacteria, does not have this ability.

Also, think about the route of travel for that bacteria. There just isn't any physical way that the bacteria can go through your digestive tract and somehow set up shop in your vaginal tissues. It's not worth the money. If you have digestive upsets, then they might help, but research hasn't found any strong correlation between the two.

Ok, so what to do.  First off, I'm really suprised that your doctors have not told the labs that did the yeast culture to 'type' the strain and find out what it is suscpetible to. If you don't know what strain you have, you can't treat it effectively.

If your doctor is lost and doesn't know where to turn, search out a clinic that deals just with woman's vaginal/vulval issues. You need to talk with someone who knows the latest in treatments and research.

I was lucky. I found just such a clinic where I work. My doctor and the gyn I was referred to, did not know of this clinic. Make tons of phone calls. Be persistant.

I have been on a 6 month treatment of boric acid suppositories. Yeah, wearing a 'diaper' every night sucks. But, I can have sex again, (though not as much as i would like), I can ride my bike and hike without being in a lot of pain and discomfort.  

Shortly I will be weaning myself off of the boric acid to see if my vaginal immune system has returned to normal. My fingers are crossed.

We get these strains that normal treatments don't cure. The stuff we use to treat the infection only aggrevates the local immune system even more, sending things way out of balance. The idea is to remove the burden of infection and other irritants so that we basically can heal ourselves.

You need to not  wear 'it' out by having too much sex / rough sex. When you do have sex make sure you use a non-irritating  lube, like crisco (it works). Don't rush back into intercourse. There are many other ways to please yourself and your partner.

One last tip and then I'll get off of my soap box.  I found that a water bottle filled with either really cold water or frozen water really helped relive the pain and discomfort.

There is hope out there.