abnormal size of labia minora
by palmtrees, Feb 06, 2006
As far as i can remember, i have always had a very abnormal looking area down there. On one side, my labia minora (the inner lip) is quite a bit longer than the other side. I know it isn't going to cause me any actual health problems, however it is pretty embarrassing having a fairly large extra peice of skin there. I have tried to go with the "everyone is different this just makes me unique" excuse but i am getting increasingly self-conscious about it. I am uncomfortable with partners realizing that it is abnormal. First of all I want to know if this really is as uncommon as i think it is. And second, i'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions as to what i can do about this. Any possible surgery options or anything?? please help my sex life is suffering! thank you very much for your support!!!
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by monkeyflower, Feb 06, 2006
It is actually totally NORMAL. If your partners think it's abnormal, it would only be because of their own lack of experience.

You might check out the book Femalia, by Joani Blank - it's pictures of all kinds of vulvas. Also, check out www.bettydodson.com; she has some great illustrations of vulvas, and I think it will give you some idea of the incredible variety of labia sizes, shapes and colors out there :-)

If you really are that uncomfortable with it, though, you could always look into labiaplasty. Personally, I am totally, completely against it, because I can't think of any other surgery that is so unnecessary and so clearly takes advantage of our deepest insecurities, but it is available.
by Luna39, Feb 06, 2006
I actually have the same problem. (Not really a problem, but you know what I mean). I've always been so self concious because my labia are two different sizes. Before I got a boyfriend, I used to think that any guy would be kind of weirded it out by it...and I was proven wrong. You'd actually be surprised how many guys embrace it and like it...and when you have someone that really loves you, they don't care. Don't stress it...and, in my opinion, don't turn to surgery. You don't need it and you're beautiful the way you are. :)
by marriedlove, Feb 07, 2006
Yikes--I vote no on cosmetic surgery for the labia.  Certainly (from my perspective!) not worth the potential loss of function and sensation to look like some fake "ideal"

So, two things.

First off, labia come in all shapes and sizes.  Check out these web sites to see the range:  (Note--people who are very, very conservative and sensitive about graphic depictions of the human body might want to skip these.)



Also try looking for Betty Dodson's _Sex for One_.

Second, the appearance of the vulva naturally evolves as we mature.  Problem is, the pornographic ideal stops evolving at somewhere around 19 or 20, it seems.  (Plus, the pornographic ideal is very narrow--take popular culture as your guide, and you'd think all women should strive for tiny waists, huge breasts, blonde hair, etc.  The Barbie look!  All that, and miniscule labia minora, too, lol.)  At my advanced age (43 going on 44 <grin>), I *certainly* don't expect to look like the little pin up girls.  I've got a mature body.  Lucky me, I *like* it, and I know *lots* more about how to have fun with it now than I did when I was younger.

As always, these things are a matter of personal preference, but I'd say take the money you'd have spent on labioplasty (sigh--just a hair's breadth away from clitoridectomy, that, and about as backward to my way of thinking) and use it to invest in some nice Georgia O'Keefe flower prints.  Now *there's* a woman who knew how to celebrate the female anatomy in all its glorious variety.

Why cut the beautiful flower when you can let it bloom?


by palmtrees, Feb 07, 2006
thank you all so much for your feedback. the websites really helped! im really feeling a lot better after hearing your kind words! agian thank you so much for your support!!
by gyncare, Jul 12, 2007
If after reading this you would still prefer reduction in the size of your labia, go and see a reputable gynaecologist. They have had the experience to advise and assist you. Avoid so called plastic surgeons if you want to save money.
by chocolate_addict, Dec 30, 2007
i have a question.. i have the same problem as palmtrees. But i also have problem with vaginal discharge and have had it for years. I am constantly feeling wet, and it is difficult to live with. I've seen my doctor about it and has used tablets and creams to treat thrush, they never seem to work. She also tells me there is nothing wrong with me. Do you think the friction between my larger inner lips (labia minora) can be the cause of this?
by TTT09, Sep 25, 2008
hi there
well im 18 and ive had sex once but I've always been loose down there is there something wrong with me i mean i really dont know how its supposed to look down there HELP
by JonasViking, Feb 11, 2009
You said:
"embarrassing having a fairly large extra peice of skin there"

I cannot believe you say that about your labia, I'd love to find a girlfriend that's well endowed in the labia department especially unique ones, like one lip being larger, that's what makes yours so SPECIAL!! Would be really boring if all women had plain lipless holes with nothing for us guys to nibble, fondle, kiss and play with.

To some men your special lips will be a dream come true, just like some women like well endowed men, some men like well endowed women... And lucky you, you're a natural!!
by bigron2000, Nov 28, 2009
My wife was big in department, and I loved it.

Unfortunatley when the menopause set in, they shunk.

Shame, loved her bits and pieces.