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age 27, all the symptoms of ovarian cancer
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age 27, all the symptoms of ovarian cancer

I am only 27 but roughly a month ago I suddenly developed all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, save two:
- constant but dull pelvic pain with occasional spasmic twinges in the ovaries
- constant back pain
- increased urgency to urinate (literally every 20 minutes)
- bloating
- constipation
- occasional nausea
- occasional indigestion
- absent periods
- sweating profusely (not always cancer-related but common with estrogen-related diseases, of which ovarian cancer is one)
- hot flashes (see above)

so, everything except loss of appetite and weight loss really, literally over two weeks. I am now a week late for my period, and my symptoms have if anything worsened. I'm having a trans-vaginal scan this Friday morning.

To date, I have seen 3 physicians, all of whom have dismissed my concerns, saying not only am I too young but also that ovarian cancer does not present symptoms. I asked them if it's not cancer then what could it be, the answer to which they craftily managed to circumnavigate, leaving me feeling like an idiot.

They ran tests for pregnancy, UTI's and STD's, all of which came back negative. General blood tests revealed anemia. I was refused the CA125 by all of them. One referred me for a routine scan but I declined it because I would have to wait 6 weeks. I made an appointment with a private clinic instead.

I do not have health insurance so I am equally terrified about the financial implications. I'm already running up quite a scary number (well, for me anyway). My ailments have caused me to become unemployed and I can barely keep up with the rent and rates. I don't know what to do.
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what was the outcome?
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