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bartholin's Cyst
i have this lump on my left labia majora.. last march i had it checked by an OB-gyne... She give me an antibiotics 625mg i guess... i cant remember....
approximately my lump was as big as a golf ball...
that lump was so irritating... its hard to walk, sleep, and sit..
after taking the antibiotics for 1 day.. my lump burst.. so  many fluid is coming out. like i'm peeing..
the lump was no totally  disappeared.. and i thought its normal..
after several day i noticed that its getting bigger again, i return to my ob-gyne and she said that it's a bartholins cyst.. and need to be remove or drain.. what ever.. the day after my operation my lumo burst again.. and decided not to take the operation.. now i'm worried because its getting bigger again, feels like its an active volcano waiting for its time to burst...
wat should i do... i dont wanna take any oparation.
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