belly button
by kellykelley, Jul 25, 2007
i have a pulling sensation behind my belly button and it hurts it feels like something is pulling my belly button from the inside . does anyone know what this could be .
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by PACR, Aug 07, 2007
hi, i have the same feeling a pulling sensation behind my belly button, not sure what it is. also right above the belly button to the slight right i kind of a pain. not sure what it is....
by AJSTAR, Jan 18, 2009
do you pick poke or lightly scratch your bellybutton? I do to mine and I sometimes get the same uncomfortable sensation. It prevents me from standing up straight and even walking. I get it maybe a few times a year. I love/hate the pain. Its dredful and Im gonna really try n stop the gross habit.
by DanielleTheGuitarist23, Jan 18, 2010
I'm getting the same feelings you guys are. I know I'm not pregnant, which belly button pulling sensations are a sign of pregnancy, but IDK what it is. I had a cyst on my belly button when I was five and had it removed. I'm eighteen now. It started two weeks ago after having a bad dream, and stopped about four days ago. IDK what it is, what it was uncomfortable. It really didn't hurt, it was just very irritating, especially since I wear my pants right at my belly button. Any suggestions?
And also, my dad was coughing a lot a few months back and he now has a hernia. I caught the same cough, but didn't. Do you think it might have been a hernia??
by AdminGP, Aug 31, 2012
You should consider doing a "Laparoscopy". This might help find out what might be attached to the belly button from inside.