boils around the vaginal area .
by candyy96, Oct 10, 2011
I'm a 15 year old virgin , and around the time of my period I start to get boils around the vaginal area that sometimes hurt . What does this mean?
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by ducky406, Oct 10, 2011
I started getting boils/pimples on the inner side of my lips after I started taking the birth control pill. After a while of being on it, they seemed to go away (with the occasional one or two right before my period). However, they still have a tendency to break out if I swim a lot. Therefore I assume the cause is mainly hormonal and then aggravated by chlorine/environment. I found the best way to limit my outbreaks is to use a washcloth and carefully clean around the area. (Also to avoid sex when they come up, but that isn't an issue for you yet.) I have read some homeopathic remedies like using lavender oil around the area to help clean it might help. There may also be some feminine hygiene products available in stores or prescribed by doctors. Unfortunately I'm extremely allergic to lavender and anything with fragrance in them so I cannot tell you if these work.

The boils aren't a STD, so you can't pass them to a future partner. However, sometimes boils may contain live bacteria so it's important to wash away all pus and carefully clean around the area. I have found that if one pops, I will get several more if I don't clean properly.
by candyy96, Oct 11, 2011
Thank you so much , I think ill have to try the feminine hygiene wash and see how that will work out . Thank you again . you've been a big help .
by greatmom398, Oct 11, 2011
I also had them the time when I had stopped using the injection from 5 years of using the petogen, so I think that these contraceptives have an influence on these boils too