burning during sex and urination afterwards pain leaves 30 min after sex
by david13, Jul 23, 2005
when i have sex after about 30 minutes its starts to burn so i must stop when i urinate wrigth after it burns as well but then it goes away after another 30 minutes about my wuestion is y does it burn only during sex and urination wrigth after and 30 minutes later it gone if yeast infection i was told it would burn all the time and ich but it doese not icht and does not burn all the time so wounderring what it is  also just lost virginity and verry tigth could that be the cause
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by tnt406, Jul 23, 2005
Hi I had the same problem after I lost my virginity.Try using vagisil it is an ointment for vaginal itching.All wash after sexual intercourse.If this keeps on bothering you go to the gynecologist.TNT406.
by laurenoid, Aug 02, 2005
my guess is that you are not quite lubricated enough during sex and you may be getting slightly chafed during intercourse, which definitely burns. also, are you using condoms with spermicide? a lot of women are allergic to spermicide and it can cause that burning feeling. it's also possible to be allergic to your partner's pre-*** and ejaculate, but my guess again is that you're probably just feeling the effects of friction. try picking up a bottle of cheap lube at the drugstore and see if that eliminates the problem, if it does, Fascinations and other sex shops sell higher quality lube that won't make you feel sticky. OH and this is important--you must use WATER-BASED lube if you're using condoms!! anything oil-based can cause latex condoms to break down even without you feeling it break inside you--very risky.
by levatolady, Jun 22, 2007
I have the same problem and lubrication is not a factor at all. I don't use any special soaps or anything like that and this has just started as in the past 3 weeks. I have changed nothing as far as detergents go either. We don't use any type of condoms or spermicides since I had my tubes tied after we had our 3rd. child., and that was 6 1/2 yrs. ago. I wish someone out there could put a little light as to what this may be and what we could do to treat it.
i also have that same problem, during sex it burning and when i urinate afterwards it burning. I Know lubrication possibly be the problem.
by Arkansas Lady, Aug 10, 2007
Sounds like an STD know as Trich...
by Gracieboo1, Feb 10, 2008
No it does not sound like Trich b/c that would have an odor and itch all of the time. Please don't diagnose what you don't know about. My suggestion is ask the doctor, but it doesn't sound like an std.
by lillyrain, Jul 28, 2008
i have the same problem during and when I use the RR and from what i have gathered it could be not enough lub... but i also wonder if it might be caused from meds as well...  at first there was no problem when my husband and i had sex but now i am on a number of meds so could that be part of it as well???
by MMS255, May 11, 2009
I've had this problem for quite some time now. It started in November of 2007, and i haven't found anything to permanantly get rid of it. I've had the meds and creams and all that to fix PH balances and everything but at soon as i was done taking them it came back. i stopped having sex with my boyfriend for a few months and recently started again and it's right back on track. If you just lost your virginity it could very posibly be not enough lubricant, and yes, use WATERBASED lube for the problem, but i'm 6 months pregnant and i'm positive i don't need any help with wetness, yet i still burn like crazy. so if anyone finds a fix please let us all know.
by vava777, Jun 13, 2009
I have the same problem...I never used to until I started having sex with my partner. It doesnt hurt during sexual intercourse but as soon as he withrdraws himself, in the few minutes that follow ill start burning like hell and if I pee oh god....I know Im not allergic to semen because I could have my boyfriend *** on me after oral sex and no burning at all...I dont think its a lubrication problem as I DO use quite a lot of lube, however lube helps a lot, if I use heaps and theres been lots of foreplay then I hardly get the burning feeling.

BUT I recently got herpes simplex type 1 while with that partner, I dont know if it came from him as he got his first outbreak the same time I did, so we cant tell who had it first and gave it to who but my guess is that it may be from him and that could be why I got that burning feeling for the first time with him.

I think you should go to see a doctor and check for any STDs, I dont think anyone here can give anyone a medical diagnosis but hopefully peoples experiences and messages are helping shed a bit of light...

Im going to try a new lubricant. It  usually is worst for me when my skin is irritated already, and it pretty much always is as I get thrush and herpes frequently.

But I think the main cause for the burning feeling is a friction problem and it may hurt more if you have an std like me...SO try reduce the friction, try diff positions. Again it depends cuz for me it doesnt always happen, but does 80% of the time.