dry intercourse
by super diamond, Aug 20, 2006
I am having a problem well I think it is a problem, most the time when my bf and I are having sex I am always dry, even right after he proforms oral sex and he gets ready to do his thing I get so dry and it hurts during and after, at first i didnt mind it but after some time he started to use his finger and after he does that it hurts and when he puts his penis in it hurts even worse, i dont want to not have sex with him but it as become a bad experience with us having sex over and over and I am still dry. What can I do to not be dry whenever I am having sex, I really would like to enjoy sex much more. ALso I know I am not the only one as a problem having a orgasm, can someone help me in finding a way to get a orgasm during intercourse, i want to enjoy it like everyone else.
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by AnnieBrooke, Aug 20, 2006
Well, you are certainly not going to get to orgasm with intercourse if you are having dryness and pain.  Ick!  Can't think of anything less sexy.  As far as dryness is concerned, what lubes have you tried?  There is KY Jelly, any number of flavored products, and even Vaseline.  Don't hesitate to try them; sex should not be a painful penance that you do to please your ingrate boyfriend.  (I use the word because he sounds like he isn't very concerned that sex is no fun for you.)  If you are on birth-control pills, they might be why you aren't getting natural lubrication, it's not a big deal, just get the KY or the others and try them.  If you are using condoms, use LUBRICATED condoms.  (I assume you are not having unprotected sex.)  Good luck, I'm sure everyone will recommend you buy yourself some nice lubrication.
by Teresainpain, Aug 20, 2006
Just a quick note that Vaseline is not a good idea to use if you will be using condoms.  You need a water based lubricant since the oil in the vaseline can weaken the condom.  KY has a number of different lubes out right now...ones that are warming and ones that are flavored...ones that tingle...ones that prolong orgasm and others that are just standard lubricants.  I have tried the warming one and it might be a good idea because the heat sensation it creates helps with more blood flow to the "area"...you will automatically be more turned on and will probably find it easier to achieve orgasm. The good thing about the lubes that they have out right now is that they are mucy more fun than they used to be so if you introduce the idea of it to your bf it seems like you are kinky and fun (rather than seeming like you need to buy lubes because of some sort of problem).  Also, Durex has a condom with "sensi-cream" and it is a regular condom with a silky lubricant on it.  Using that may help on its own.  And just a note too that you don't have a problem.  Some women produce more lubrication than others and every women has times when they produce less than at other times.  My suggestion is to play with a few different kinds of lubes and condoms and see what works best for you!  Best of luck to you and have fun!
by dani_dar, Aug 21, 2006
Vaseline is not a good idea it is heavier and can stay inside, it can also cause infections. KY jelly is the way to go you can also find other lubracants online and differant sex toy sites that are just as good. Good Luck and have fun.
by BabeMuneca, Aug 21, 2006
There is also AstroGlide. It isn't or doesn't feel as "messy" as KY. It's also not that expensive and can be found like at Target or Wal-Mart or even Walgreen's.
by justlittleolme, Aug 21, 2006
definatly use a lube. I didnt and had very dry intercourse (and a lot of it) and I have a gland cyst caused by it. It doesnt hurt but its a bump down under and I hate it. The worst part is that the GYN said it may never go away... and I'm believing him since its been over a month and I still have it :o(

Never will I have dry rough sex again
by 2sweet_4words, Aug 21, 2006
I agree with the last post....Astroglide is the way to go.  KY can leave a residue, where the Astroglide doesn't at all.  As far as achieving orgasm during intercourse, you're not the only women who can't do that with intercourse alone.  Lots of women need additional stimulation.  I used to be just like you - I thought that intercourse should definitely be enough.  I'm sure it can be for some, but when talking with my friends, I find that we all need a little "help".  Have you ever tried a small vibrator?  Those can be used along with intercourse, and will most likely really turn your man on!!  Are you able to achieve orgasm by yourself?
by super diamond, Aug 22, 2006
Thanks for all your advice the KY as worked, and i will be try all the other things your guys have suggested ok, thanks alot. It was the best experience I have ever had and my bf was very happy too :)
by Jelous, Jul 01, 2007
what about if the lubricant still doesn't work and your still dry what else is there it's not like I'm not turn on or anything and I enjoy it and it doesn't hurt just dry.  Why would that be happening but right after sex I'm very wet and lubricated.
by SexKittin, Jul 03, 2007
I have the same problem not getting wet before intercourse. My boyfriend feels that i dont enjoy or want to have sex with him anymore. I use lube eventually, and i will get wet after we start having intercourse, but is there a reason I cant get wet before sex, even if i masterbate and ***, im still not wet.