enlargement of the breasts after abortion
by mayumi2244, Dec 08, 2008
it was 2 days after the abortion happened and I noticed that my breasts are getting larger, it feels hard when you touch it, swelling, and it aches a lot..what causes this and how am i going to stop the enlargement? is this cancer already? we dont have cancer cases in the family, but how can this be treated?
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by Ophelia23, Dec 08, 2008
Nope, it's not cancer - there is no scientific connection between abortion and breast cancer, despite what some right-wing windbags like to tell young women.

You breasts are probably tender and swollen because of fluctuations in your hormones. Abortions means a sudden drop in estrogen/progestin, and changes in the hormones usually affect the breasts. I just went on birth control pills, and my boobs are going through the exact same thing!

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it. You just have to let your hormones return to normal. Rest assured that it is not serious and not permanent.
by GRose, Dec 08, 2008
I responded to your other post where you asked the same question. It may be that you are producing milk. That's what happens when a baby leaves your body, your body produces milk for it.
That would probably only happen if you were pretty far along though.