greenish nipple discharge
by sm2, Oct 22, 2005
There is a dark green sticky discharge from one of my nipples
when it is squeezed ( the way you would express milk). It has
probably done that for a few years and I have never had
it checked at the doctor. Is this anything to be concerned about?

It has no odor and is very sticky and you have to squeeze quite
a lot for it to come out.
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by oceans3, Oct 22, 2005
have you ever been pregnant and or nursing?
do you see a gynocologist regularly where he/she would do a breast exam? if yes, why would you not mention it to the dr.?
i have never heard of green discharge coming from a nipple. personally speaking, i would be concerned over that.
by sm2, Oct 23, 2005
Yes I was pregnant and nursed for a year, but that was 8 years

I noticed the green stuff, because one day i tried squeezing
out of curiosity to see if anything was left, even though it
was years ago.

It doesn't come out by itself and i never have any pain in
my breast.

But i think I will get it checked out next time i'm at the doctor.

I feel embarrassed bringing it up though, won't he wonder
how I noticed this?

by blondie72, Oct 23, 2005
I did a google search with - Green discharge from nipples and this is what I could find.  You may want to do your own google search.

Dark green nipple discharge - mammary duct ectasia

I am 28 with fibrocystic breasts. For the past week my left breast has oozed dark green fluid but I do not have the usual swelling or pain. Could this be cancer? My doctor has ordered a mammogram.
The discharge may be due to the fibrocystic disease. However, such greenish discharge is also characteristic for an inflammation of the breast ducts called mammary duct ectasia which is not usually related to an underlying cancer nor does it put you at greater risk than the normal for breast cancer. Ectasia is an inflammation of the breast ducts that is not caused by bacteria. While it is usually a benign process, it can sometimes look like a cancer on a mammogram and thus will most likely require a biopsy. Also, surgery may be indicated if there is a very persistent, copious discharge, breast pain, nipple retraction or an underlying mass thought to be an abscess or inflammatory mastitis. It is difficult to treat and excision of the inflamed ducts is only about 85% successful. Whether the mammogram is benign or not, you should see a surgeon experienced in breast disease for further management.

by IWantToBeAMom, Oct 24, 2005
Your doctor won't care how you noticed it.  They see some pretty crazy things on a regular basis.

Just be glad that you did notice it because green discharge from your nipple is not normal.  Call you doc for an appt!
by bonnie oliver, Jul 19, 2007
im having the same problem,i had a mammogram and they said it was normal
by Sk1lZzL0rd, Jul 22, 2007
Normal functioning (physiological discharge)
Physiological nipple discharge usually occurs in both breasts and happens only when the breast tissue is manipulated in some way, such as by squeezing the nipple to check for discharge.
The discharge may be clear, yellow, white or dark green.
Stimulation of the nipple actually increases the likelihood of discharge, so it's best to leave your nipples alone and avoid checking them. This type of discharge often resolves on its own.

An inflamed duct (mammary duct ectasia)
Mammary duct ectasia is one of the most common conditions related to abnormal nipple discharge.
It causes one or more of the ducts beneath your nipple to become inflamed and clogged with a thick, sticky substance that's green or black. Most often, it affects women in their 40s and 50s.
You can relieve some of your symptoms by applying warm compresses to your breast.
Taking aspirin or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, may help relieve some symptoms. Also, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics to clear up any infection.
In some cases, surgery might be necessary to remove the affected duct.

by mayalayne, Sep 05, 2007
I have noticed my bra having two spots where my nipples are. I figured I am running around all day and maybe I have some discharge coming out since I finished breast feeding a two years ago. I finally asked my doctor about it (I'm not sure how long this has been going on) and he said most likely it's nothing, but he sent in a sample to test. It is coming out of both nipples equally and is a green color,

Any thoughts.
by Aniadec, Sep 07, 2007
My sister is having these simptoms and is very scared she has a dr appointment next week.  I hope you can giver her some words of encouragment since you have had this experience and have advised that your mammogram came back normal.  Thank you for sharing.
by poodlemom, Sep 07, 2007
I have had some dark green discharge coming from my left breast for about 3wks now.  (only when I squeeze it)  I have a dr. app. next week and I'm thankful to hear that it might not be really bad. I'll let you know what happens thanks