heavy Bleeding after sex for first time
by quioll, Aug 08, 2009
I had sex for the first time on thursday nite, it lasted quite a long time, and we did many different positions as he is quite experienced, however when we finished we noticied the sheets had a lot of blood on and there was also blood on the floor, after however the bleeding pretty much stopped just   a little bit of blood, and it was like this on friday, however now saturday night i have started bleeding a lot more and it is very thick and brown. i only had my period a week and a half ago and normally onli have a period every month and a bit and always very light, so im pretty sure this is not it. is it normal to bleed like this two nights after having sex for the first time, when ther was so much blood stright after and then only spotting till now two nights after, now it is quite heavy, thick and brown, i have put a tampon in is this going to be ok?? is this normal??
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by honey_moonblood, Aug 17, 2009
I lost my virginity last week and im going through a similar situation. As far as I could find, anywhere from 2 to 6 days of heavy bleeding is normal. It's just from your hymen rupturing.
by tanyacarlile, Sep 14, 2009
I'm going through a similar experience now, I have had bleeding and cramps similar to my period for 4 days now. How many days did it take for the bleeding to stop for you? Did you see a doctor, if so what did the doctor say about this?
by lynamber11, Jan 19, 2010
i had sex about 9 days ago and i am still bleeding it is very light now but its freaking me out cause i always have very light periods and its scaring the crap out of me cause it has not stopped and i know its not my period!!!!!!!
by ciera_19, Apr 16, 2010
same here im 20 years old  i had sex for the first time april 3nd 2010 and  we did various positions and we did fourplay it is now april 15th 2010 and im still bleeding it not really heavy but brown like blood like the kind you get when your period ends is this normal ?? could this possibly be a period ?? HELP !!!
by knack, Sep 29, 2010
you have little vitamin K in your body. Take a tablet of Vit K. your problem ,ll solve.
by leasmileszxx3, Jan 08, 2011
im having the same situation i lost my virginoty on thursday 11/06/11 and when i woke up he next morning to pee i realized i was bleeding the next day 11/07/10 we had sex again  and when i went home and had to pee i realized that my underwear where coverd and wet in blood and now this morning i wake up to find my pj pants with a huge circle of blood and i put a tampon in and everyhing  and yes honey i do think this is normal sometimes people bleed alot like me and you and sometimes people are lucky and dont bleed but remember to take some vitamins die to the fact that your losing alot of blood :) be safe and remember safe sex is GREAT sex :D
by loveandbeauty019, Jan 17, 2011
I also have same situation as u. but the different is i lost my virginity but no blood after the time of intercourse. but when i got home at night i see a blood spot in my underwear and until 2 days. still bleeding. i think this is normal?. :)
by lilylu, Jul 14, 2011
Im kinds the same. So im 20 and i lost my virginity last night and i bled. a lot. we only did it once and it lasted like 30 seconds. but I was beyond embarrassed, i've heard of people bleeding before and thought it was normal. But right after it was everywhere. i dont get my period for another week and a half so im nervous that something is wrong. I bled all night into this morning.
by Innogurl, Aug 10, 2011
Like u i also had d same problem!i bled so bad that i had 2 visit my doc n i got 3 stitches on my inner vagina..now im okay but i havent have sex thenafter coz im afraid it may happen again..can i hav sex again?plz help me out guyz!