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impossible to masturbate.. someone help im really worried
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impossible to masturbate.. someone help im really worried

hey guys...
im a 15 year old virgin and i cannot masturbate!
it hurts if i insert a finger.. its a stinging pain. and YES i do it when im wet
and i am completely relaxed. i have used other objects such as a toothbrush...
i can get that in but it doesnt feel good it just feels really uncomfortable,
i tried using something bigger like a carrot to make it abit more loose,
but i could only get the tip in because it was really painful!
i tried to bare with the pain but the carrot just wouldnt go in any further!
ever since then the piece of skin below my vaginal opening leading to my anus is really sensitive.
whats wrong with me?! do i not have a g-spot?? is my vagina too tight for anything??
will i ever be able to have sex?? someone please help, i know im doing everything right,
but its just not working out!

in case this has something to do with it..... i have more male hormones.
and i have had white gooey discharge for a long time now, it has a strange smell
kinda like sour yoghurt... what is it? is it normal? could it have damaged my vagina?
im really worried i dont know what's going on with my body!
i dont want to talk about this with a doctor or my mother, its extremely embarrassing,
so please dont tell me to lol

thanks guys i appreciate it !
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It is not necessary to penetrate the vagina to masturbate.  This is especially true if you have a vibrator or other "toy."  You simply put pressure on the top of the opening of the vagina and it works fine.  I don't think I'd get too hyped up about putting objects into your vagina to see if you are sexually normal. I am sure you are sexually normal. You can do more harm than good in terms of causing an infection or irritation.

The sour yogurt thing sounds like a yeast infection.  For that, I do suggest going to a doctor or clinic (after all, what if it is a different kind of infection and I'm wrong?)  There are over the counter remedies as well, but I think they are better used by women who often have a yeast infection and know for sure that is what they are dealing with.  Don't worry about being embarassed in front of a doctor, women get yeast infections all the time, and he won't know or even suspect you have also been trying to masturbate.  (In other words, yeast infections don't come from that.  If you have been on a round of tetracycline for your skin lately, THAT can give you a yeast infection.  This is how common they are.)

Learn about your body as much as you can.  It will empower you.

Good luck!

hunny....you are saying you 'are doing everything right'????? ARE YOU SERIOUS? i mean, i know you might be young, and not have sexual experience, but PLEASE DO NOT insert weird objects into your vagina like a darn carrot!!!!!!!!!! do you know that it could break inside you and you won't be able to get it out unless you go to the ER and they get it for you??? now, THAT would be embarrasing, not to mention, the carrot wasn't probably washed and you just caused yourself a NICE yeast infection with it! the rubbing (carrots, are rough!) and the dirt in it.....IN YOUR VAGINA??........*sighs*....ok, just think about it, don't harm yourself with a toothbrush or a carrot or a watermelon......or anything that is not your VERY clean fingers, or a special sexual 'toy'.....like AnnieBrooke said.

You most likely will not get an orgasm from inserting things inside your cervix compared to the chances of getting one from rubbing your clitoris......(google it...and please ignore the porn sites....).
You have to be really careful with your 'parts' since you can develop all kinds of rashes, infections and bad things from not being hygienic enough....

You can also talk to a 'big sister'....or your friend's mom?? maybe that'll come easier......

Good luck!
hahahaha about the carrot thing, that was my friend's idea she told me to put a condom over it =|
yeah i thought it was weird too but i did it anyway lol i only did it once and like i said i couldnt do it anyway. bout that's not what im worried about, i cant even get my fingers in there it hurts that much!
is there anyone else that has this problem or am i the only one ?????
This response might have far more information than you want, Helpmee.

The pain could be caused by what's left of your hymen, or possibly damage to your fourchette, (the little corner of skin on the outside of your vagina that leads into the spot between it and your anus, aka the 'frenulum labiorum pudendi'.)  It takes damage pretty easily if you are rough with it, and it sounds like you haven't quite figured yourself out yet - so being rough is an easy mistake to make.

If it is your hymen (aka, the thing that represents 'virginity') it is going to be painful at first, that's normal.  You might even bleed a very little bit, however that is nothing to be concerned about.  Some other considerations:  Are your fingernails clipped close and smooth on the edges?  Are you 'wet' or actually 'aroused', because simply being wet isn't really enough sometimes.  Just like a penis, you have erectile tissue down there that needs to be full of blood before you'll really be comfortable/get any enjoyment out of this activity.

Your G-spot, if you've been doing research, is located on the front-most wall of your vagina, just past the pelvic bone.  This is also called the 'urethral sponge' and if you are properly aroused, you will feel it like a slight bulge when you reach inward.  Curl your fingers upward.  (Like you are making a 'C' with your hand, fingers pointed downward') and make sort of a beckoning gesture with your fingers, like you are motioning someone to 'come here' but with your fingers downward.  That's your g-spot.

Oh yeah, what these ladies are saying about foreign objects is completely true.  Very rigid things (more rigid than a penis) are typically not all that comfortable for self-love, stick to your fingers or a special toy of some sort.  (If you have access to a drugstore or wal-mart, a 'personal massager' can be a wonderful first toy.)  Although - putting a condom over any toy you are going to insert is a good idea, helps keep things more hygienic, so kudos to your friend.

If penetration of your fingers hurts even after taking your time and being careful and allowing for your hymen to have broken (it will take a little while for the soreness to go away if you break it), then stick to clitoral stimulation.  Use your dominant hand, whichever one you write with, and rub in a circular motion - don't worry so much with the clitoris itself as the skin around it.

Always make sure your fingernails are short and your hands are very clean.
i was a virgin but like what i read above, i didn have to insert anything.. i just rubbed on my clit and when i actually did lose my virginity, i realized as much as i love sex, i would prefer rubbing my clit.. ;)

i remember when i first had sex, i was in a whole truckload of pain, i just wanted to die. i bled massively for that one day and it was horrifying. i had to try inserting it over and over again, for 3days, until i asked my friend, and she gave me the best advise ever. she looked at me and said "in your life, you've never done anything half way, right? no matter what the obsticles were? same goes for sex, it would hurt, but let the whole penis go in and bear with the pain. you will be fine after him doing that over and over again" and i did that and i had great sex

im not telling you to insert whatever object fully, i'm just saying there is no need for you to worry about sex later on. meanwhile, be nice to your Vivian ;) dont start stuffing things inside it. just try to masturbate the way i do.

oh, and as for the possible yeast infection, i don't know if it is a yeast infection, but try going to the drugstores and getting vaginisil or something similar to that. try taking really good care of yourself down there for a while til it's all clear.

hope this helps.
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