itching/discomfort after sex
by mayamaya, Oct 19, 2005
Since past 2 years I have itching after sex. I have absolutely no itching problems or abnormal discharge at all in between sex (could be up to 6-8 months).

With each itching episode (lasting over a week, with treatment), there is no abnormal or foul smell in the discharge. Sometimes the itch involves more of the vaginal opening, sometimes more on the area near the urethra, or both.

I've been to the gynae last year about this. He ran cultures and PCR tests for gonorhhoea, chlamydia, also blood test for HIV and could only find strep. agalactiae and yeast. So I was given antibiotics and antifungal inserts.And I was told not to practise oral sex since the problem could be the strep from the throat, but this strep agalact is also known as normal flora. After a week, this itching subsided.

I've had 2 boyfriends in the last 2 years. When this first happened I thought it was STD but since this has also occured post sex with condoms, I am puzzled and worried.

It can't be bacterial vaginitis as it doesn't fit the description of foul smelling discharge. It doesn't look like typical yeast infection as sometimes there is normal discharge yet it itches.

I've been worried that I am starting to inspect myself using a mirror or to feel where exactly the itch is coming from. This week I felt a few micro bumps like those (on the tongue) on my inner left labia. I'm not sure if it's been there all the while. However, I can't see it (any bumps) when I look into the mirror.

Please could you help give me some insight on this?

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by oceans3, Oct 19, 2005
could you have an allergic reaction to the condoms (if you use them) and/or lubrication? also be sure you shower/bathe afterwards using a mild soap.
by ateague, Oct 19, 2005
I agree with the above post.  Lots of women are allergic to the latex or spermicide found in some condoms.  You can switch to non-latex condoms, little bit more pricey than latex ones, but if it keeps you from scratching, it's worth it.  Is there any way your doc could do an allergy test using latex or spermicide?  Hope this helps.  Good Luck!!!
by friendly_liz, Oct 19, 2005
I agree with Ateague. see if ur doctor can do a test to see if ur allergic to anything

good luck hun.
by mayamaya, Oct 19, 2005
Hi girls,

Thanks a lot for your replies, I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, the last time we had sex (last week) it was without condoms.

I used the antifungal creams each time after sex, as the Dr. suggested, to prevent yeast recurrence.

1 or 2 days after sex the slight irritation/itchiness comes back. No abnormal discharge/smell. This time it's in the surrounding urethral area. After I have emptied my bladder, there is a slight discomfort or pain in my urethra.This sounds like UTI to me? But why the itch as well? *puzzled*

In the past the itch/irritation was in the vaginal opening+urethra and the doc has said it was probably yeast.

I read somewhere that chlamydia causes urethral itch but I was tested negative before. Perhaps it's a false negative result??But I also have no problems between sex (which can be up to months)

I am so confused and this will potentiall ruin my sex life. This has happene with my past 2 partners so it's not likely the problem is STD, though it cannot be discounted.

I am planning to go for a checkup today. But it's gonna be expensive as i dont have insurance here. :(
by friendly_liz, Oct 21, 2005
if you are a nhs patient, then the treatment shouldnt cost you a penny but the prescription will if they decide to prescribe you something.  xx
by trytryagain, Nov 06, 2005
I'll be interested to see what your doc says as I have the same problem....it started about 6 weeks ago (not necessarily after sex and haven't had sex since) and have been to the doctor 5 times.  I have been testes for yeast, BV, every STD known and they can't figure out what it is.  There are no visible lumps, bumps or cuts, just burning, itching and pain.  The doc thought it could be contact dermatitis from something (allergic reaction) but I tried a course of steroids and steroid cream and it didn't work.  Good luck and I'll let you know if I ever figure out what it is.
by missyjane, Nov 08, 2007
I have the same problem :( im 20 years old and it just started about 4 months ago. it lasts about a week or longer and it is targeted by my urethera or clitoral opening. its accmpanied by an oderless discharge. everything is very slight. and it doesnt flare up during sex. im so worried. im going to the clinic tomarrow. i was just tested clean and im a clean kid. this is strange... i will let u know if i hear anything interesting lol

by katiebatie, Nov 15, 2007
I have the same problem as well.  It has been over a year since I've had sex last and now it's back again. For the first 3 fays after sex i ahd no problems then it started. i almost expect it now. There is no odor, it looks normal, sometimes thick, sometimes thin discharge...and white.  I've had a yeast infection before...and BV.  So, I know it's neither and I've been tested for STD at my last appointment (like I do every year) and it was normal.  Could it be just how our bodies react to having sex?  Everything is fine except for the itchiness feeling which isn't bad but enough to be annoying sometimes. I'm not convinced that I'm diseased or have some sort of STD despite what EVERY site says. I've learned to stay away from those sites because they just make you feel worse about the situation.  This has been going with me for years and I know my body by now...just looking for some sort unique response from some one on what it could be.  Please don't respond to this comment if your going to tell me its an STD...it's not, I've been tested for EVERYTHING.  P.S. it's not an allergic reaction to condoms either. I know that I am allergic so I use non latex and no spermicide, not on the pill, and this happens even when a condom is not used.
by cat1500, Dec 14, 2007
I also have this - I usually find it's if I havent had sex for a little while and therefore everything is just a little sensitive.  You know...it's kind of like a runner just starting out and getting sore areas on the feet until their feet get used to it.  :)  I've been tested as well - nothing.  Honestly I just think its sensitivity and as the skin around the vaginal opening 'heel's after sex and the friction caused from it, it naturally has a slight itching sensation.  
I cannot say there is any discharge other than what I have been told is completely normal - sometimes a very slight 'flecky' kind of appearance but very minimal.  I've researched it and it sounds to be completely normal discharge as a chemical/biological reaction to sex.
You dont want to use Vagisil or anti-fungal creams if you are not dealing with an infection.  I usually find a ****** with water and a little applecider vinegar relieves the slight itching and any soreness goes away naturally after my body gets used to more frequent sex.

I'll be curious to hear if anyone has any further answers.