large lump on panty line
by jen76, Dec 13, 2006
I have this large, grape size lump under the skin on my panty line.  It has been quite painful and large in size.  I recently stuck a pin in it and a large amount of fluid came out.  It has not gone down in size and I had to stick the pin in it again which more fluid came out.  Any ideas what this could be and how to get it to GO AWAY!!!
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by jenstam, Dec 13, 2006
Could it be a large pimple or boil? That's what it sounds like to me. Or even an infected ingrown hair.
by venusenvy23, Dec 13, 2006
It may be a pimple. But also, google bartholins cyst. I am not sure about the spelling. Try a warm compress, instead of poking at it. You don't want it to become infected.
by malqahtani, Dec 13, 2006
When you poke it what color is the fluid?  If it's clear then it isn't a boil or a pimple.  Most likely wouldn't be ingrown hair if it's clear either.  Might be a cyst.  STOP poking it.  Warm compress it for a few days and see if it goes down, if it still hurts or it hurts too much get it checked out.
by VickiInVegas, Dec 13, 2006
Bartholins Glands are on the inside sides of the vagina.

She sounds like she's got a boil going on for sure if she can stick a pin in and have pus come out.  

Here is some information on boils and how to treat them:


If its painful and really swollen they have topical antibiotics to apply on them.

by mrs canada, Dec 13, 2006
UGH! Do not stick a pin in it unless you have boiled it for 10 minutes or so - that will give you a wicked infection!

Having said that - I really have no idea what that would be, given the location. You need to get it looked at. Bartholin glands are located on either side of the vaginal opening.

What colour is the lump? Is it red or inflamed or flesh coloured? I think you will need to have it looked at.
by lucylocket2, Dec 14, 2006
I get them when I shave down yander. I have tried many things to stop it . Do you shave? Little personal, I know. I just leave them be and they go away. Whan I shave i put vasoline on. I also use bikini zone,but when I run out i go for the vasoline. I don't wear panties till it all dries and soaks in. The panties rub it and aggrivate's the skin. Also, it could be an ingrown hair.
by jen76, Dec 14, 2006
The fluid is clear and streaked with blood.  It's not puss.  It just feels hard now, not squishy like it was before.  It is still grape size and is on the crease of my leg where the leg meets the rest.  I guess you could consider that the panty line.
by jasandkamsmom, Jul 26, 2007
I had one years ago.  It got really big and turned purple, and was very painful to walk.  I went to the Dr. and had it lanced.  They of course sent it to a lab just to be sure nothing serious was going on, but turned out it was just an ingrown hair.  To this day I still have a mark there from where it was.  
by mommyfribis, Jun 05, 2008
I have had a spot/lump like this a couple of times, that hurt soo bad it would almost take my breath away when it was bumped... I tried everything... from squeezing it to poking it with a pin... even went to the dr. and he said to just let it heal, that it was an ingrown hair... never healed on its own though... then my grandma told me about this drawing sav, called Prid, you can get it at any drugstore... they usually keep it behind the counter it comes in an orange container that looks like a round pill box and stuff it a brownish sticky substance.  It works WONDERS!!!  apply it to your bump about 3 times a day and maybe cover it with a bandaid depending on what you are wearing seeing as this stuff is sticky and in about 3 days it will bring that ingrown hair right out... trust me... it really works... then just pluck the hair with a pair of clean tweasers adn you will be all healed up!  Let me know how it works for you...