large mons pubis?
by tash515, Jan 20, 2008
I am 16 and i've noticed that the layer of fat on my mon pubis is alot larger than i'd like. It lowers my self esteem even though i don't have sex. i know that liposuction can get rid of excess fat down there, but i don't think thats really for me. are there any exercises or anything else that can reduce the size of my mons pubis? i'm not overweight or anything by the way
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by nafif88, Sep 11, 2008
hi there
i'm 20 and im a normal weight. i also have more fat than usual on my mons pubis.. but it is also probably a more prominent bone that you have (i have that also).

i went to the doctors abt it and you can't exercise it off as it's genetic most of the time, not because u have gained weight and it has stored there. besides since it is just a little pouch ontop of ur bone, u cant actually "work out" that part of ur body.

let me share some valuable life lessons... i ended up have liposuction on that area.. and girlll let me tell you it was more hassle/money/pain than it was worth AND hardly made a difference... it is simply genetic.

when u look in magazines or whatever and the other girls dont have it, i am SURE it has been airbrushed out coz it doesnt fit the image of what women are "supposed to look like".. it is far more common than u think, trust me on that.

and finally, i have had 2 serious relationships and am still with second boyfriend, and when it comes to having sex, what your vagina looks like DOESNT MATTER because we all look more similiar than we might think (even tho we are all unique in that part of the body lol)... its called a mound for a reason.

i hope me sharing what i know and having gone through the same thing helps. goodluck.

by lovebug312, Sep 10, 2009
hi im 15 and i think this mons is a gift from god making us not so different but unique in a way i know tht it affects relationships but if he wants u he will accept u i havent lst my v cuz of tht but i think i will when im ready
by Loupers, Oct 23, 2009
I can't take this large mons pubis thing anymore. It lowers my self confidence to the point where I don't wanna be naked in front of my boyfriend. And we've been together for 2 years! He says it doesn't bother him much but he will still poke at it and make fun. No harm intended tho. I seriously need to get rid of this nasty misfortune NOW! I came into about 40grand and I wanna get it taken care of asap. I want to be myself! I am not fat nor have I ever been pregnant. I'm a nomal 18 year old girl that wants this gone! Can someone please help me??!?? I heard lipo or "vag tuck" works but the post above me says it didn't help. I need advice. Please help me!!
by sharoniepooh, Nov 01, 2009
I just had my Mons Pubis reduction October 30, 2009 down in Atlanta performed by Dr. Moore. Him and his staff were wonderful. Surgery went very well. Once swelling goes down, I'm quite sure I will be very pleased.

by queengirl05, Feb 18, 2010
I read your post about having Mons Pubis reduction in OCtober.  I would love to know how the results were post surgery.  I am very interested in having this procedure done but have never connected with anyone who had it done. Thanks...
by thehelpful, Jun 02, 2010
        General information following: If a guy makes fun with and at something about a girl, it's not necisarily because of any problem or fault of the girl. In fact it is something the guy finds different about the girl, something that makes her, her. A guy tries to find a way to get past any akwardness or to make a girl feel better about something by making lite of the situation. Take it as a compliment rather than an insult. The best idea is to play back, or do the same to them in a playful matter. This is for any part not just the mons.
         As for the size of the mons it is genetic as posted above. It is meant for protection of the pelvic bones and for help during any intercourse. There is no exercise for this part of the body, and some speculate that this actually is because it is also tied into the emotial area of the brain. An example is how certain area's arrouse you, others make you shiver, and many other mental and physcial reactions. From many previous things and others opinions it seems that the reduction makes little to no difference. The size reduces, but it can cause actual pain on the bones of the girl, and any thing that comes in contact, such as in intercourse. It also does not effect how far anything can be placed inside.
            Remember, like any surgery this is always a risk, and not just to your physical well being. Emotional, physical, and mental problems can occur. Everyone is different so the degree of anything, including the chances of problems change all the time. Anything that effects how you feel, if changed, can and likely will effect you in many ways, not all being good. I recommend before doing anything, consider your options and head all advice given. Good luck.

                   Sincerly, the Wanderer
by Leiflevine, Jul 10, 2010
Reading these comments on 'large' or 'fat' pubis mons is a little painful. As a male, I think it might be useful to pass on that there are no norms re physical appearances and differences are to be celebrated. I know you want to be perfect for your lover/boyfriend/husband etc, but if you're confident about your appearance, they probably won't question it. Large pubis mons are a feature of female anatomy I, for one, find attractive and sexy. I'm a painter and I find the curves on women amazing to describe and models with large pubis mons are always appreciated. If your mons protrudes more than most, try shaving your pubic hair if it'll make you feel better, but better still, learn to love it.
by bamdastic, Aug 25, 2010
Just like there are many different looking breasts there are many different looking vaginas.  And honestly, to all of you younger ladies who are worried about being intimate, once you are naked, any guy will think you are the hottest thing ever regardless of your little imperfections.

Check this out: http://www.vroma.org/images/mcmanus_images/aphrodite1.jpg

It is a picture of a statue of Aphrodite that men in the ancient world went crazy over.  She seems to have the same 'problem' and yet there are hilarious stories about men sneaking into temples to 'visit' similar statues in the night because they thought they were so sexy.

So hopefully that will give you a laugh and a little more confidence.
by girlwithmanpants, Sep 21, 2010
hey, i just wanted to share a story with you. like you i have a large mound of venus. had it since i was 12. ithe only person who ever bothered me about it was my best friend (purely innocent. she thought it was just cause i didn't shave). i've never had the missfortune of a partner bringing it up or even being surprised by it but i was always self consious about it. a couple years ago i started dancing and thats when my loathing began to melt away. guys don't care. if anything i've had a lot of sincere compliments about it and have been tipped extra because of it. (not cause i did anything with them. not all dancers are prostitutes)  what really made me stop hating it was one of the girls caught me pulling my belly upwards. "my nani looks flatter when i stretch the skin," i explained. her eyes lit up and she brushed her hand over it and said,"you have a mound!" her best friend in high school had one too apperantly and she thout it was the most beautiful thing ever. of coarse i still wonder how to reduce it or i wouldn't be here. but i was saddened to see how many women loathe thier mounds so much. ladies, i work in a field where guys are @ thier most disrespectful and i compete with fake **** on sticks and my mound has never stopped me from making money ever. if these jerks who i see every night love my body ( and i don't think much of them) then no one should worry about what some boy (my worst insult towards a male) thinks about your mound.  i hope this helped somewhat