my nipples hurt
by iloveyou, Jun 01, 2006
My nipples usually never get hard unless I get cold, but lately the very tips have been getting hard really easily and they are much more red than the rest of my nipple. They also hurt. Could I have cancer or be pregnant?
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by Decatur, Jun 03, 2006
I would look into it. I know for me the older I get the more tender my nipples get. It is odd. When I first started noticing it I thought the very same as you. You can do a self check to see if there are any lumps on your breast. There is great information on how to check online.
by tsgirl, Sep 05, 2008
i know what you mean. lately my nipples have been hurting as well and they never really did before. i feel like they're sore. my boyfriend just says i'm being a big baby about it. i think its something bad but who knows.