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my period is out of whack
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my period is out of whack

hi, my name is ZombieBride and im new.

i have been having a terrible terrible time for the past 3 months with my stupid stupid period.

im 17 years old.i have never had sex. i dont think my hormone levels are bad, im a bit gender-queer i pretty much balance in male and female qualities, my diet is better than it used to be, it was worse when i was depressed (all i ate was cake batter) and my weight has stayed the same for years now. the only thing that recently changed is my hedgehog died in november, but a year ago my grandmother died and my period didnt react this way.

ok, now here are my symptoms
* mild inconsistant heat flashes
* unusual (for me) cramping before period (it comes in waves and doesn't last long and is usually consistent)
* very very light bleeding when i DO have my period for about two days and then spotting for 4-5 days
* my cycle recently changed oddly for the first time. i have had my period for 6 years and it has never been this inconstant
* almost constantly bloating
* little to no warning for peeing, i will cough and end up peeing myself a little without knowing i had to go.

my cycle lately has been 2 periods in december, late period in january and early period in February.

no one can diagnose me on the forum with anything, i am aware of that, i just want to know how common this is in my age,

i know i should see a doctor, i even made an appointment but i chickened out, no one has ever touched me or really seen me naked since i was a baby. i dont like the feeling of being touched, i dont like other people being too close to me, so im scared if a doctor wants to examine me.
Avatar dr f tn
Light and irregular periods are not normal especially since you have previously had regular periods.  Hence this needs to be checked by a Doctor. Because of your concerns, you can see a lady Doctor. An ultrasound scan will be necessary to look for PCOS and other possibilities. The stomach cramping and bloating can be due to gastritis or hyperacidity. Dietary modification and antacids will help with this.
Urination without any warning or on coughing is known as stress incontinence. This can be due to severe urinary infection or because of laxity of tissues. Consultation with a gynaecologist and an urologist may be necessary.
The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
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