painful rash afer period
by klyn, Nov 04, 2007
During my period, I use maxi pads (of course) but around the 3rd or 4th day I start to get irritated in my inner buttocks area. The rash starts below my vagina but in my very inner thigh area and goes all the way back by inner buttocks area. This happened last month too after my period but the irritation went away on it's own. This month after my period the rash is still lingering..it seems like the maxi pads are irritating me. So I tried some over the counter hydro-cortizone cream and it didn't seem as sore but when I looked down there,,,the area was scaly and disgusting looking,it looked like the area was trying to heal so scabs were forming. I had my yearly pap exam earlier this month and my dr called me and said that I have a yeast infection. My question is could the maxi pads be making me irritated in my butt area? Or could the yeast infection spread and infect this area also?
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by verratti4, Nov 04, 2007
yeast infections can spread, but i also get the exact same thing you are talking about, a red rash when i wear maxi pads it  i expecially get it around my butt hole area  as gross as it sounds, and it usually lingered because me walking chafted the already irritated area i usually haft to put some petroleum jelly there and sleep in the buff for it to go away, my doc says its becsue my skin is sensitive to the pads and they rub that area when i wear and pad , i only use pads so i wear them for 5 days i tried several kinds  to find one that was not as bad. always thin regular seem to be ok. hope this helps, and everything is ok
by klyn, Nov 05, 2007
thanks for the info it makes me feel alot better, I thought that's what it was... I'm going to try a different brand and see if I don't get as irritated next month
by buffy2008, Dec 29, 2007
I just recently started getting that same rash! It starts a few days into the period and toward the end. It happened a few  months ago, then skipped one, then the next month was there again, then was ok this month. I have used the ultra thin kotex  maxi and their overnight for years with no problems. But when I recently tried Always maxis I think perhaps the plastic caused a dermititis reaction. The rash was bright red and went from back of vagina toward butt and spread about an inch on both sides of the inner butt. Seemed moist, solid red patch, slightly raised, warm and painful to touch. Not sure if it was an allergy, I thought better try some yeast cream just in case. Then I also tried triple antibiotic cream applied with a bit of toilet paper. It went away after a day or two. The second time, I had no yeast cream left and tried the antiobiotic cream and it went away again in about 2 days. This month I prepared to combat any moisture issues and spinkled some mild talc onto my butt to prevent moisture and with that, and switching back to other brand, had no problems this time around. Not quite sure what the cause or solution was ... but I am allergic to a chemical used in carbonless copy paper, newspapers, glue, magic markers, etc, so, perhaps this same chemical is in the Always plastic pads.
by nightfever, Aug 16, 2009
i get the same thing. i always use the different types of pads very couple or whenever i run out. but sometimes i tend to peel too..is that normal? if anyone knows.
by Pcogale, Aug 17, 2009
nightfever - I wouldn't say it's normal to peel.

OP, it does sound like you are having a reaction to the pads.  You may want to consider natural cotton pads or reusable cloth ones like these http://manymoonsalternatives.com/category.php?cat_id=9

You can also make your own.

I'd be concerned about skin damage if you continue to use a product that irritates you.  It's painful and can lead to skin thickening.

by MsStarry, May 24, 2010
I have similar symptoms and was diagnosed of having a yeast infection.  However for me, I have used the Always Maxi Pads my whole life.  It wasn't until my last period where I started getting symptoms like this.  For me, they started happening the first day I put on a pad, rather than days into my period.  I have inherited sensitive skin where my legs have natural bumps (flesh toned) that itch when I run outside sometimes.. The irritation takes place all around the area of the pad.  I switched to Kotex but am not sure if it has helped.  I have also used A&D ointment which helps for rashes and burns, but I can't tell if it's worked either.  Am I supposed to just get used to experiencing this each period from now on?  I certainly hope not.  So for me it's almost a question of the 'chicken and the egg'; like which came first.  The yeast infection causing the irritation to some pads?  Or pads being made differently which has caused the irritating and led to a yeast infection?  My sisters have not had a bad reaction to Always yet.  But it's evident this problem has started in women longer than just of 2010--when I first got it!  I'm not sure what to do.  My twin sister had different symptoms (no irritation or sores/bumps) at the same time I had mine!  Hers were more clearly due to a yeast infection as well.  Are there any pads that work?  Will this only continue if a person has a yeast infection?  Basically anyone who experiences these symptoms should be checked by their doctor and tested to see if they have a yeast infection also, because I'm wondering if the two are linked!
by Questy10, Oct 09, 2010
I have that sort of thing too except when I use pads, especially maxi one when I have a heavy period I get a rash around my vj area and it stings inside my vagina D:
So I think I'm allergic to them, could I be alergic to tampons as well?
by Regi25, Jan 17, 2011
I have a latex allergy and I get the same rash with peeling when I use regular pads that aren't hypoallergenic. I hope this helps some of you. Try searching amazon for hypoallergenic pads because that's where I buy mine.
by craziinluv, Feb 09, 2011
Hello there i have the iud and i wear tampons but everytime i start i tend to get an irritation on the thigh in the inner area and the outer area... i was given steriod cream but it doesnt seem to workk im going crazy aaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!