post iui pain
by clarissajennifer, Mar 02, 2006
Any one experience intermittment cramping,  well, not really cramping,  ummm...its more like intermittment pain in lower ab?
and back pain.  Is it possible more than one implanting causes this?

I ovuate normally, but border on release of a mature follicle, so we did the Clomid, HCG , IUI regime.  100mg Clomid the usual days 5-9.  HCG on day 16 without a scan, because it worked for conceiving our son.  then iui day 17,   we are now at day 20 and thank good the pain has lessened considerably, but the right side still hurts especially when I walk.  We go in for a progesterone test on Monday.....

Any ideas?  Everyone was awesome on this site, Thank you so much in advance.

Take care and God Bless
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by lorriep, Mar 02, 2006
Have any problems going to the bathroom lately?  Sometimes
a kidney or bladder infection can cause back pain.  It could
also be some kind of cyst on your ovary.  Your best bet is to
get it checked by your doctor or OB/GYN.
by Tugsaboo, Mar 18, 2006
I just had my first IUI treatment done last Wednesday(about 4 days ago). The pain on the first day following the procedure was horrible! Cramping,not unlike really bad menstrual cramps,plagued me for the whole day afterwards. I took a couple of extra strength tylenol, which really didn't do much good for me. I figured that the pain was caused by ovulation, since I usually have pretty bad pains every month when I ovulate normally. Since my husband and I were doing Clomid, plus Brevelle and then the booster shot two nights before the procedure to insure ovualtion, we figured that the pain must be from this(I had three mature follicles on my sonogram, so that was probably the culprit). Problem is that the pain has not subsided at all. I am still feeling discomfort throughout my whole belly/pelvic region. It hurts to use the toilet. My right side is very tender, and my left side feels almost swollen. I also have pain radiating around to my back. I try to get up and move around, but it doesn't feel comfortable. The possibility that I may be carrying atleast three viable eggs that may have all been impregnanted worries me. Is anyone else going through this?
Good luck ladies, if you are all praying for a successful pregnancy through IUI. Hopefully all this pain and discomfort will be worth it!
by fizzlefay, Mar 23, 2006
Hi,  I also had the same problem with the pain. The day after my IUI I had incredible pain in the center of my pelvis by where the uterus would be, and the about 6 days later they came back and lasted for about a day. It also felt like my vagina was throbing (TMI Sorry)  :)  I went to the doctor b/c I thought maybe it was a UTI and she said it doesnt sould like it.  I had 2 follicles one on each side.  Did you get a period or a positive HPT?  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it was implantation!!!!!!  Good luck to all..
by Tugsaboo, Mar 23, 2006
I am now on day 21 of my cycle(IUI was last Wednesday). The cramps come and go.It feels as if my period is trying to come on, but then nothing happens. I have very tender breasts and some light spotting. I also have a yeast infection caused by the lovely Progesterone suppositories I have to take until my blood test next Wednesday! Can't take anything for the yeast infection...called my nurse today and she said that the bleeding is a good sign that I may be pregnant(implantation bleeding).
I can't wait until next Wednesday to know for sure! It is killing me to not be able to take a HPT right now to see if I am indeed pregnant.
Clarissajennifer did you get your test results back yet? I hope there was good news for you.

keep fingers crossed for me next Wednesday!
by TinaWein78, Jun 25, 2008
i just found this forum on line, i had my IUI done on Tuesday 6/24/08 and was in extreme pain afterwards. I couldnt stand up straight, walk, pee, poop, sneeze, cough, eat, nothing. My RE said to drink gatorade but am scared cause of the pain i feel when i have to pee. Almost feels like an UTI but no burning. My RE said i had many mature follies on both sides, 3 or each side. Its the next day and im feeling a lot better than yesterday.  I still have the major bloating and pee pain, i can stand up and walk around but not 100% normally.  I have to wait now 2 weeks before i either get AF or take HPT and see what the results are.  I have been on 3 cycles of clomid and nothing. This is my 1st IUI cycle. I was dx with PCOS at 13 yrs old. I always knew me and DH would need help concieving but whatever we have to go thru its worth it.
Baby Dust to everyone.  - Christina
by may119, Nov 08, 2008
I'm new to this site, I also have my IUI 11/4/08 & 11/5/08, my bbs are sore and very painfull, I'm on progesterone (crinone 8%).  This is my second IUI (04/06) failed. Tuesday I'm going for my progesterone and in 2  weeks for the b/w.  I'm so affraid, i don't know what to do.

Any advise
by 769482, Feb 14, 2009
i'm new to this site and never used anything like this before.
i'm 4 days post iui. after proccedure was in absolute agony. since then been spotting on and off, very very light pink in colour. i have the most horrible mood swings, feel quite rosy in the cheeks and feel sort of 'fuzzy/a little tipsy!'...thats the only way i can describe it! i feel sort of heady, but its not a headache! my boobs r uncomfortable.
can anyone shed any light???! this is our 1st attemp at iui.
good luck to all xxx
by hope4babymiller, Jul 18, 2009
hey okay so i am 2 days post iui # 2. this time we used follistim ag last time clomid. this time i have been having bad cramps and funny shooting pains. no bleeding, i just feel pressure! any thoughts.
by sbas1008, Nov 02, 2009
I talked to my gyn and he said (in better terms then I am gonna say) that because normally when a man ejaculates inside you, the semen does not go into the uterus. Even though they wash the sperm, there is still some semen in the tube when injected into the uterus so it can cause some irritation. He didn't say how long this pain would be but day 1 was pretty bad (even worse cause I had a cough and it was VERY painful) day 2 okay, day 3 okay until after I went for a run, now pretty uncomfortable.
this is my 1st IUI and day 3....good luck gals!!!!