purplish bump on labia
by needstoknow, May 29, 2005
I'm trying to figure out what the deal is with a purple bump on my labia. It didn't turn white with the vinegar test. It doesn't hurt or itch. It doesn't look like a blister. It doesn't have fluid inside of it. Its consistency is smooth. It's been nearly 2 years since the last time I was involved sexually (it was protected, though I understand condoms don't protect 100% against some STI skin conditions). I need to know if this is a serious problem (I'm 22). I'll definitely get another opinion when I have a chance to see a healthcare provider. I've heard lumps are sometimes connected with yeast infections, cysts, blocked skin glands, or might be skin tags. Is it normal for skin growths to sometimes occur? Since I do regular self-exams, I have a pretty good awareness level. Thanks for your help.
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by oceans3, Jun 10, 2005
hi. what you are describing sounds like what i have had before and had it looked at by a gynocologist. she said it was a bartholomew's cyst (forgive the spelling?). mine was located on the side of my labia and the same description as you stated. however, mine hurt and i just constantly placed a hot cloth on it. it eventually "burst" and felt so much better. it went away but i got one again a few years later. have you found out what it is since you wrote this?
by Nassy, Jul 21, 2005
I just googled bartholomew's cyst and all I got was you guys!  But I was told about them a long time ago and what would you know, I think I have one.  It's redish/purple, slightly raised and about 1cm in diameter - it's sort of mobile under the skin.  Apparently if they are bad, you can get them drained - especially in older age.  Mine has come about as a result (without too much elaboration) of my partner repeatededly rubbing against it.  I think it just needs a break but also if you want to try lymphatic massage it may go faster.  Hope you can relate!
by Art Woman, Aug 05, 2005
My labia becomes sensitive just before and during my period.  The day after I finished my period I rode my bike while wearing denim shorts with a thick inseam (bad idea).  The inseam irritated the already tender area and a Bartholomew's cyst developed.  (I had one a few years ago during a very stressful time in my life so I knew what it was.)  
It bothered me for about four or five days; it made intercourse a precarious situation and riding my bike out of the question.  While in the hot bath, I would pay special attention to cleaning the area and massaging it to help relive the sensitivity.  I would also try gently squeezing it to see if it was ready to burst.  On the fifth day, I gently squeezed it with my fingers while I was in a hot bath and it finally burst.  Some pus streaked with blood came out and the swollen lump diminished instantly; the sensitivity and tenderness also disappeared.
Heat and massage does provide some relief until it is ready to burst.

Good Luck!
by hm05, Aug 10, 2005
it is called the Bartholin's Gland
or do a google search for Bartholins Gland
Lots of info there.
by name_here, Oct 09, 2008
hey ladies,
Just got back from the hospital where I had to have my bartholomew cyst removed. I did the bath thing and message but really it made matters worst. I went to emergency because I could hardly walk without pain by the 5th day that I found the lump. It was there that I had it surgically removed with a marsupial stitch (it creates a pouch rather than a sac and therefore allows infection to drain out). This method cut the reappearance to 5%, I hope I never see that lump again. I think the doctor said that when it burst on its own, it does reappear, so watch out for infection. My lump grew very large, very fast, and I am in my twenties and I wouldn't call it a purplish bump, just a harder lump that over time becomes rather painful-- watch for infection!
Good luck.
by jbop45, Feb 14, 2009
I had my bartholomew cyst surigal removed late 60's and it came back again and I believe wearing denim  jeans all the time helped irritated it and I had a partial hystermectomy in 1975 and the Dr drained my cyst and then didn't go see an ob gyn dr for many years and it had turned into stage 2 cancer . I was blessed to find my obgyn who after a biosy made me an appointment with a fantastic Dr in Dallas and Plano ( Alan Munoz) in April 08 who cut it all out and I didn't have to have chemo or radiation and I see him every few months to make sure I am okay. I did not have any pain and haven't had sex in 17 years due to my husband's emphysema problem  and I am in my sixties.In fact I had forgotten about having my cyst until my sister brought it up this morning.Please make sure you see a obgyn  doctor often and let them keep an eye on it.
by chrissy666, Feb 28, 2009
I have one of these bartholomew cyst & had it drained about 1 month ago at the Dr.'s office.  He said if it came back fast I would need to go
to the hospital in outpatient surgery to get it drained & put the stitch.
Is this a good idea??  Anyone who has done this... would you recomend doing this??  I think I would rather it bust on its own.. But how??  Please give me some advise.  It is quite large & sometimes hurts but not all the time.  You mean this thing could turn into cancer???!!!
by suzy99, Mar 31, 2009
I had a cyst about 4 years ago. At first I thought since it was the end of my period that the tampon had irritated me. But, as the night went on it got so bad and so big I could not even walk. By the time I got to the hospital the following day it was almost the size of a golf ball. They drained my cyst and left the incision open. The doctor left it open and inserted a small tag to keep it open and able to drain. I had instant relief! I was so happy I had this procedure and hope to never have to repeat it. Hope this helps..Go have it drained.