sex during period
by oceans3, Aug 11, 2006
hello all,
i'm kind of nervous (okay really nervous) because my husband and i had sex last night about on the 3/4 day of my period. i usually last the full 7 days. we RARELY do "it" during my period so i am not really sure what was in the air but it happened. he ejaculated inside of me even though i told him not to because i dont want to take any chances. he said since i'm having my period its ok. well, ive been here enough to know that it may not be ok. i also know if it were someone else posting this, i would say highly unlikely/rare but when it happens to you all that logic goes out the window. we have 1 child now and honestly, i am not ready for another. he is so i know he would be fine but could someone give me the stats on my chances? i dont want any info. on BC (i am 37 and never in my life been on it)this was just a fluke thing. gee, i feel like a teenager! LOL
thanks a bunch!
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by need_help_plz, Aug 11, 2006
Yes you always have a chance, every womans body is different. Being concerned I would contact your health department or OB/GYN and ask for the emergency contraceptive pill (ECP). This is what stops everything from happening. I would recommend this so your not taking any chances and worring yourself to death. All this is a two pill pack. You take one within 72 hrs after sex then the other 12 hours after that and that is it. That is about the only thing I can come up with to help you.

I hope this helps, best of luck!
by lhowell, Aug 11, 2006
The chances are very rare, however, my sister got pregnant while on her period.  Do you have a regular cycle?  If so you probably have fertile days about 5 days after the last day of your period.  Just cross your fingers that the sperm was expelled and didn't hang around for a while. (Y'know, sperm can live up to 5 days and if it had been the last day of your period, you would have had a better chance of becoming pregnant---though, still somewhat slim).

Best of luck (and don't worry!).
by glad2bamom, Aug 11, 2006
Oceans--sperm live up to 3 days, not 5...
I know there are people out there who have gotten pregnant while on their period, but I wouldn't give this one much concern.
Plus, as far as the morning after pill, that's a little drastic, considering that you and DH are doing fine...I don't recall you ever saying you were opposed to another child, but I understand that now might not be planned.
I'm not monkeyflower or who_is_this, they're the ones who could give you stats...I just say don't worry.  That used to be the best sex of my life, because I was on my period and didn't worry about it.  Do you know when you ovulate?  I remember you saying something about you ovulating a little later...like after day 14?  Truly..don't worry.  And definitely don't try to self-evaluate...I know you, and symptoms will appear if you think about it hard enough.
Take a deep breath, and relax.
by bambino, Aug 11, 2006
hi, last month i had sex during my period most of the time, the first day of last period was 30th july. I am now getting tummy cramps and light spotting. I have felt fatigued for the past week but im putting that down to the major heatwave here in London. It is possible to get pregnant while on your period though.
by oceans3, Aug 11, 2006
please no comments or experiences on how it happened to you or you know someone!! you are scaring me. my lovely sister is not helping either. she decides to email me and tell me that's how some of the woman in her baby group got pregnant and someone at work too. i know it CAN happen. just want what are the chances? statistics would help if anyone has any. i am worried and like i said, it was kind of a fluke thing. i got pregnant just a few days after my period ended so i guess i ovulate early. seems like i do because in the past, i would get the ovulation discharge a few days after my period. i am very regular by the way. i usually get it within a few days of my calculations. does that help at all? grrrr....MEN!!! now i have to worry until the next month.
by jhawley, Aug 11, 2006
I'm here because my mother got pregnant with me on the fourth day of her period.  She thought it wasn't possible, but ended up with her sixth child as a result.
by have 2 kids, Aug 11, 2006
I checked with one of our Dr's.  He said the chances of becoming pregnant while having your period is about 2%.  Hope that helps you feel better.  Of course their is always a chance but it's not too likely.   Don't panic!
by oceans3, Aug 11, 2006
thank you so much for your stats!! (lol) and comfort. i know it can happen but rare and thats what i wanted to know. i just hope right now in my life that i am not that 2%!! thank you.
by Red_Rose, Aug 11, 2006
Oceans Oceans Oceans. Man like u said ur usually the one to say nope ur not preggy VVV unlikely!! At least u got a stat in the end but take ur own advice and calm down :-) I know I dont know u but u always seem to be the voice of reason. And remember if u stress it could mess u up anyway and then u really WILL be stressin! LOL I think u taught us well :-) I also took that risk recently cos my period was light and I was the one that said its ok (I miss that ending thats why lol) and Ive been ok the last 2 times! But then again I wuldnt mind :-)

I wont even bother with the good luck u wont need it :-)