shooting pain in labia majora,
by sara1975, Dec 31, 2007
for about 7 months now every now and again i get a sharp shooting pain in my right labia majora, it feels like a trapped nerve or something.
it will also hurt inside me on that side.
does anyone else get this?
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by sara1975, Jan 02, 2008
forgot to say it starts on the inside of my thigh first.
by jml1986, Jan 02, 2008
Nope never had it. I would also guess that is a pinched nerve somewhere.
by Carol33, Nov 28, 2009
I have it too... no idea what it is, but mine does not start in the thigh.  Did you find out what it was?
by mondegreen, Feb 24, 2010
I just started having this exact same sort of pain, about a month ago, that just surfaces now and then. Have you found out what it is? I'm 60 yrs old, 14 years since my last period, through with menopause, and can think of no relating factors to when this pain shoots through. No sign of blisters or any skin abnormalities. The pain is hard to describe, exactly. Thankfully, it's fleeting, though very intense.
by Shar1231, Aug 24, 2010
I too have this pain, I've been to my OBGYN and had a full exam, he was expecting some type of lump or benign tumor, but after exam saw nothing. This pain is very hard to describe, but i can tell you that when i get it i have to grab myself (as a three year old would grab themselves if they had to rush to the bathroom) its embarrassing and painful! i have also began to document each time it happens, and im starting to notice that as it happens when laying down that i also have the same feeling shooting up my leg from my heel. if anyone knows any info about this it would be greatly appreciated if you could share!
by drinkthevino, Jun 13, 2011
I have almost the same thing.  Mine started after a internal reconstructive surgery.  I have mine if I stand up and touch my toes or if I lunge forward a bit to reach something.  It is a sharp shooting pain that makes me yelp.  It used to be on the back side of my lower buttock/top of my thigh and the residual is only in my left side labia majora.  I read that mine may be caused from the position and the clamps they used in my surgery.
by traumaqueen45, Sep 27, 2011
Sounds like genitofemoral neuralgia.
by jezil, Oct 09, 2011
I, too, have this pain in my left labia. I was worried it was something serious, but reading these comments, it's good to know that others get this!   It's kind of a sharp, shooting pain that is also dull, if that makes sense. Is that what you are all experiencing?
by h_lp, Oct 26, 2011
I just got it last night and it's woken me up multiple times. I don't know what the matter is but I can't see anything on the surface. it's sort of a sharp pain but it lasts for intervals of maybe 5 min and goes away till it wakes me up again a few hours later. this is super recent so I don't know much other then I'm rather concerned. does no one know what this is?