swollen vagina lips
by VAGINASAUROUS, Aug 20, 2005
ok i recently had sex last night and we used a condom and such but like half way during the sex i realized i was starting to swell down there, today i am in extreme pain and can barely walk, it hurts so bad i have never seen anything like this, i need help any tips that might bring down the swelling i am am in extreeeeeeeme pain,, i am to embaressed to talk about it to anybody
some help me
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by oceans3, Aug 20, 2005
well first off you SHOULD NOT be embarrassed, second, did you use a condom or did he "do it" inside of you? sometime latex condoms can be irritating and some are allergic to latex. also, sometimes the males ejaculation is also irritating to us. i may need more info in order to help ya out. otherwise maybe you are on the brink of a yeast infection?
by soundwaves, Aug 20, 2005
Try putting an icepack wrapped in a washcloth in your undies to help reduce the swelling. It will help with the "burn" feeling. It may be latex related, or the lube on it. Hard to say. Good Luck!
by oceans3, Aug 20, 2005
sorry, its late for me and i didnt see in your post that you did say you used a condom. you may be allergic to latex? do you normally use them or is this something new? whats different here?
by notsurerwhatswhat, Aug 21, 2005
Ice pack works wonders. I tend to get swollen from time to time so I bought the football icepack from walmart you put in your lunch pack. They have all kinds but that shape is perfect that that spot. good luck with the sweeling. I agree, latex allergy, probaly that spermicide. That stuff can really cause some problems with allergies. Good luck.
by r0cksteady, Aug 21, 2005
Hello, I noticed we have the same problem. What are you doing for it..Itd be great if i can talk to you or something about it. If you would like i will give you an email or something or my sn for IM. Get back to me.
by VAGINASAUROUS, Aug 22, 2005
ha glad to know i am not the only one out there with this problem, its now my third day and its getting better, i went to the store figured it might be a yeast infection and got some medicine for it since then its been doing alot better but it does still hurt, altho i have never had a yeast infection i think the sex just irritated it more who knows, i also went to the doctor to test for any STDs and such but came up negitive for all of it *thank god* the ice pack does help alot
thank you guys for ur suggestions<333
by hm05, Aug 23, 2005
VAGINASAUROUS-are you serious with that name>?
by lbk_1982, Aug 30, 2005
i have had these "swollen vagina" symptoms on and off for two months now.  i also went to the ob-gyn and came up negative on the tests. i had oral-sex about two months ago, so it seems like perhaps it's related to that, but i haven't had intercourse during this time, so the latex explanation doesn't fit for me.  i'm wondering if anyone has experienced these symptoms unrelated to intercourse, like myself, and if anyone has been able to help you understand why.  it's uncomfortable and icing was uncomfortable as well.
by brunette88, Jul 17, 2007
omg...im glad im not the only one....It hurts so bad!!! what else could it be?? im going to the doctor in 2 days, but it burns and hurts..and its very swollen i cant even walk around...help