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ugh!! i need help
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ugh!! i need help

how do i deal with daily discharge?
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The basic function of your vagina is to provide a route from the outside of your vagina to your uterus and the rest of your internal reproductive system. The natural, acidic, pH of your vagina acts to prevent infections. The acidic nature of your vagina is caused by natural, good, bacteria produced by your body. When your vagina is healthy, the vagina keeps itself clean and in a healthy state by producing secretions of normal vaginal discharge. The natural balance of the vagina can be disrupted by anything that interferes with its’ normal environment it’s important to understand that all women experience some amount of vaginal discharge. Glands in your vaginal and cervix produce small amounts of fluid that flows out of your vagina everyday taking with it old cells that line the vagina. Your normal vaginal discharge helps to clean the vagina, as well as keep it lubricated and free from infection and other germs. A normal vaginal discharge does not have a foul odor and usually has no odor at all. Normal vaginal discharge often appears clear or milky when it dries on your clothing; occasionally you may notice white spots or a normal vaginal discharge that is thin and stringy looking.
Other things that may cause changes in the appearance or consistency of your vaginal discharge include:

Your menstrual cycle

Emotional stress


Any prescribed or OTC medications you take including hormones such as in the Pill

Sexual excitement



Your diet
Other things that can upset the natural pH balance of your vagina and lead to vaginal infections include vaginal douches, feminine hygiene products, perfumed or deodorant soaps, antibiotics, pregnancy, diabetes, or the presence of another infection.

Some signs that may indicate an abnormal vaginal discharge and infection include:
Changes in color, consistency, or amount
Constant, increased vaginal discharge
Presence of itching, discomfort, or any rash
Vaginal burning during urination
The presence of blood when it’s not your period time
Cottage cheese-like vaginal discharge
A foul odor accompanied by yellowish, greenish, or grayish white vaginal discharge
If you have a vaginal discharge along with any of these signs, consult your health care provider for diagnosis and treatment. Vaginal discharges are common and you it’s likely you’ll have at least one vaginal infection in your life. The most common vaginal infection is bacterial vaginosis.

Your menstrual cycle has a significant affect on the type of vaginal discharge you experience throughout the month. Did you know you’re more likely to experience vaginal infections just before or during your period? This is because the pH balance of your vagina varies during your monthly cycle causing the acidic level of your vagina to be at its’ lowest point a few days before and during your period. About halfway between your periods an increase in vaginal discharge that appears clear is normal. This increased wetness and clear vaginal discharge is an indication of ovulation.

Vaginal yeast infections are also very common and over-the-counter treatments are available; however, it’s important to never self-diagnose a vaginal yeast infection unless you have previously been diagnosed by your health care provider. Another common vaginal infection is called trichomoniasis.
I believe the question was how to deal with the discharge.  What I do is wear a panty liner and change it through out the day,,that way it doesnt get on my undies and I feel clean and fresh with each new liner.   Make sure not to get scented.  
About 4 months ago my doctor said that i needed to be treated for bacterial vaginosis i was treated and every since then it has seemed like it keeps coming back or something i have been paranoid i have been back to see him twice for a full exam the whole nine yards he says there is not a thing wrong with me its driving me nuts b/c i have a smell and discharge like a yeast infection it gets worse after my period. I need help i hate this and i dont know what to do my doctors office thinks i am a complete psyco b/c i always want to be seen for symtoms (symptoms) that i am having but they have proven or think they have proven, there isn't a thing wrong with me what do I do?????????

cincinatti, ohio
I feel your frustration... I have had a constant clear draining for the past 6 years (every since I gave birth to my 2nd child) I was diagnosed with BV a few times and treated with no relief. 2 years ago I was sent to urology to check for fissures (any tarring between the bladder/vaginal wall and it was negative. I have just been told to deal with it until last month I had my yearly pap with a new doctor, I told him my problem and he said there was a procedure he could do that might or might not help the problem so I opted to have it done he called it a cervical canal ablation, I was put to sleep it only took a few minutes and this was done only 2 days ago I am waiting to see what the outcome will be as I have discharge from the procedure right now but I will let you know. He told me there was a 50/50 chance it could stop it, I am praying it does but if not I guess I will go back to wearing panty liners and changing my panties 3/4 times a day. it is a nuisance because it looks and feels like I pissed myself or something but there is no color or smell. almost like someone left a facet on, LOL
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