very painful hair bump
by sweetone72, Oct 17, 2007
this hair bump came out of no where... its very painful and its big. i want to bust it to relieve the pressure but it just hurts to bAd! what do i do? should i just put toothpaste on it? or alcohol?? until it goes away?? i usually just put alcohol on it and it goes away quickly but this one is real painful and i want it to go away Now!
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by Fourpaws, Oct 17, 2007
You could try to put a hot washcloth on it do it gets a whitehead on it. Maybe if you can pop it after it forms a head, you'll be able to see the hair and pull it out. Some people say not to do that, but when I do, they never come back. Then put neosporin on it. If it's in a spot where it rubs on something, I sometimes use vaseline to form a barrier on it. Good luck, I hope it feels better soon!
by Dixie298, Oct 17, 2007
I also would recommend a hot washcloth or a sitz bath for 10 minutes.usually they pop on their own.I had one and it was extremely painful.I hope this helps.
by adree, Oct 17, 2007
That happens to my hubby offten, and he cannot take pain either.  What I do is put a hot (or as hot as you can take it) put it there for a couple of minutes and then pop it.  He usually bites down on something.. then I put alcohol or neosporin antibiotic+pain.  Good luck!