what does it mean when your period is lighter than normal??????
by SweetAsApplePie, Apr 03, 2012
I'm not trying to gross any1 out but my period is way lighter than normal!!!!! What could be the cause of this????? I am normally a heavy bleeder.....my flow is so heavy that i have to use ulta tampons(which are bigger than super plus) and i constantly have to change them at least every 2 hrs!!!!!!! The same goes for pads(which i use at night) i have to use overnite flow ones and have to change them constanly!!!!!!!!!! My period usually last 4days.....on adverage on my 1st day....i probaly change my tampon/pad 12 times.....2nd day....maybe 9 times.......3rd day....normally about 6 times and my last day only 3 times.....thats about how my period flow normally is....i may spot a day or 2 afterward but i only need pantylinners......Now.....my period flow is way lighter than normal.....i probaly have to change my pad or tampon 3 times a day but the flow is still a little lighter than what a regular flow would be for me......What is going on??????? I have been excersing more than normal.....could that have something to do with my flow???? My diet hasn't changed much....i just simply been trying to cut back on certain foods.....I've been trying to change bad habits such as smoking and drinking....i thought these were good changes!!!!!!!!!!!! My weight hasn't really changed much.... I just noticed my jeans fitting a little loser and my clothes fitting better which i want.....but i just don't understand how my flow could change so dramaciaclly!!!!!!! From having a heavy flow and having to change 12 times to having a lighter than normal flow(for me) and changing only 3 times...(if even) cause i can't use the tampon i normally use....is a VERY VERY big differance!!!!!!!  I did have unprotected sex 2 days b4 my expected period.....i couldn't possibly be pregnant!!!!! Could I?????? You canNt get pregnat  2 days b4 ur expected period......could you?????? I don't really feel stressed.....everything seems to be going right in my life right now.....but this!!!!!! U don't get a period when ur pregnant!!!!!!!! I really doubt I could be pregnant.......Has this ever happened to anyone???????? What should i do?????? Should i just go visit my gyno.....i feel kinda embarressed trying to explain this 2 my gyno.....i'm not on birth control either!!!!!!! Should i just wait for my next expected period and see any changes or see if it goes back to normal?????? Could i just be having a lighter period this month?????? Could something be wrong??????????? Should i take a pregnancy test in a couple of weeks just to rule it out???? My last period was normal.....even with changes in my excerise and nutrtion..........Could i be expering implation bleeding or arw my hormones just going wack cuz i had unprotcted sex just 2 days b4????? I'm only 24 yrs old......so menopause is out the question.........what do ya'll think?????????? Sorry So Long!!!!!!!!
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by thatquietgirl, Apr 03, 2012
Most likely you are not pregnant, but always be sure to use some form of protection when having sex unless you are wanting to conceive.  Implantation bleeding sounds like it's far lighter than what you're describing from everything I've read.

It could be you're just having a lighter period this month due to a hormone change or it could (and I would lean toward this being the more likely explanation) be all the exercise because exercise is known to affect your flow.  Some female athletes don't even end up with their periods because of all the training and the like.  Just relax and enjoy the change.

I know what it's like to have heavy periods, by the way.  You might look into birth control as it will lighten your flow and make periods far more bearable.  I went from a very similar flow you describe as your normal (7 days, heavy with clots, unable to function because of that and nausea, fatigue, etc.) to 2-3 days light to moderate flow.  Besides, if you're having sex, it wouldn't hurt.
by Carly1306, Apr 03, 2012
You can't get pregnant a couple fo days before the start of your period so that;s not an issue. If you've had sex before than, then maybe you could be.

Sometimes, our cycles just change for no reason, though. Stress, hormone fluctuations, diet/weight changes can all affect your cycle. A major one that can also affect is a new exercise regime - which you've been doing. So if you take a test and it's negative then it's most like the new exercising is the cause. It's not a bad thing - it's good having lighter periods!
by MrsPoole, Jul 11, 2012
I've also always had heavier periods. This month I was 15 days late, but when I started this month it was lighter. My fiancé and I are trying to have a baby but the test said neg.
by missunderstood34, Sep 20, 2012
By Missunderstood.
I'm having the same issue today my period is due and all I'm doing is spotting and barely doing that. Yes I have unprotected sex with my bf. I cycle here and there but only went once this month. And all my sytems feels like I'm having a normal period except the bleeding part. I have the headache which I always get pre menstral, breast get a lil bigger... Altho they feel different today. So am I pregnant??
by sosplease25, Mar 31, 2013
This its going to sound gross but I was suppose to get my period yesterday. I have the xramps just no flow.  I decided to finger myself to see what was going on up there and it was this liquidy blood.  Like really watery and idk what it could be. Helpp!
by chrisbby2014, Aug 23, 2013
I had unprotected sex about a month or less ago. I usually have normal flows they usually occur in the middle of the month. Except this month I started my period Wednesday and it lasted just for the day then I started spotting pinkish to brown yesterday and some of today. Was excessively wet a week ago. I've been urinating alot today. I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or if my body is going through implantation.I didn't have a period i just spotted only this month..SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!
by chrisbby2014, Aug 23, 2013
I had unprotected sex about three or so weeks ago. my periods are usually normal except for this month. i didnt bleed i just spotted pinkish then brownish. i currently have lower abdomen cramps and have been frequently urinating today. my periods usually occur in the middle of the month. im thinking i might be pregnant. but i also think i might just be going through implantation. should i just wait a few days to see if i bleed? help me please!!
by Ssmith20, Aug 28, 2013
I also have heavy periods. An I've been taking diet pills an I've lost 7pounds so far an I've notice my period was late but have a couple of days I saw town so I thought I was starting but for he past 3-4 days every time I wipe I see brown an i don't know why. Yesterday I seen blood so I thought it was it but it wasnt an went back to brown it's super super light I just see it when I wipe but it feels like I'm on it! I'm 20 an I'm a virgin so I know I'm not pregnant I'm just worried about it! Pls help??
by brittany908, Sep 04, 2013
i started my perod today and i am barley going but i normally go heavy what could this be?