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what is this?

I recieved a bill from an obgyn for my wife.  I the discription say is was for pregnant uterus. What does this mean?
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Could you give a little more detail?  If the bill just names a money amount and says "pregnant uterus," it could mean anything, from someone selling her a medicine supposedly intended to get her pregnant to, well, anything.  Did it say "Diagnose" or "Examine" or anything like that?
Thank you for responding.  The statement says Ultrasound, Pregnant Uterus,
Real time with image Documentation.  The amount was for $270.00.
Just a little history.This proceedure was for my wife and I have had a vasectomy.
At about this same time my wife had talked to me about getting my sperm level
checked.  I did and found nothing.
Does this help explain any?

thank you
OK, you DID get your sperm level tested at the doctor's, and it was zero?  

Well, I guess the next thing I would do in you shoes is to try to rule out all the undesirable possibilities.  

The bill is written up rather strangely.  I have had any number of ultrasounds, and all the bill says is ultrasound.  It doesn't say what they were looking for or what they found.  Are you sure you're not being gamed a bit?

I would call the doctor's office, and ask them if "Ultrasound, Pregnant Uterus" written on an invoice means that the ultrasound was in fact *of* a pregnant uterus, or if it was to see *if* the uterus was pregnant.  Neither of these things has great ramifications, but let's say she was feeling some symptoms, and wondered if your vasectomy had failed, and didn't want to bring it up with you, so she said to her doc, "Can I get an ultrasound to see if I'm pregnant?"  It might be that they wrote it up that way on the bill no matter what they learned, in other words, they have a protocol for a kind of ultrasound they do to look at the uterus to try to find pregnancy and it's called the "pregnant uterus" ultrasound.  I know, that's pretty far-fetched, but you may as well rule it out.

If that is not it, and if the bill does reveal a pregnancy, then the next thing I would do is call your doctor back and get another sperm test run.  He may ask why you are doing it if the first said you had no viable sperm coming through, and you can explain it is extremely important you be totally right on this before having a future discussion with a pregnant woman.  You don't have to explain further.

Another way to try to assess if a pregnancy is really in existence at this time would be to see how she is eating, is she drinking alcohol and so on?  That is not definitive, because if she had an abortion in the meantime she won't be changing her diet, but it might be a clue.

Okay, let's say that you learn the bill does reveal a real pregnancy, not just a diagnostic, and your sperm test (repeated) shows no sperm is coming through.  Then you have some serious thinking to do.  The fact that (if this is true) she is not telling you means she (at least at this point) does not want to leave you.  Do you want to be married to her?  This is what you need to decide.  If she were happy to stay with you and you were accepting of the status quo (and I mean apparent infidelity, as by now she might not be pregnant any more), you can have a moving conversation of love and forgiveness that will stand with her for the rest of her life as a monument to the great love of men for their women.

On the other hand, if you find that this is the last straw and you don't want to stick, you are within your rights.  With the bill in hand, the comment from the doctor's billing office that this is what it means, your repeated test results, and your thoughts collected neatly and calmly, you should have a conversation with your wife.  You might find that it is not as bad as you thought.  Listen to what she says, don't come into the conversation with the absolute conviction that you want out no matter what.  (I can think of two scenarios, again admittedly far-fetched, that would put a different spin on the situation, one being a rape and the other being her going to a sperm bank because she wants a baby so much.  No, I don't think these are it, but I'm just pointing out that if there was an explanation like that, you owe it to her to hear it, before saying to her that as far as you are concerned the marriage is over.)

If she says she has been unfaithful, then again, it is your call.  That is a TOUGH one, because of the hurt it puts on your heart.  I am so sorry, if that is it.

Good luck, don't forget, counselors and shrinks are great for things like this.
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