white vaginal discharge, whats wrong with me?
by FallingStar99, Jun 08, 2007
I have a white vaginal discharge which does have a foul smell,...It's very thick and creamy. It alway feels like I got my period whenever it happens. It went away for awhile for about a week or two but then it came back again. I don't know whats wrong with me, I'm only 19 years old and I really can't talk to my mom or anyone else in my family about it, on fear of what the out come might be (STD, Yeast Infection, Etc.) I'm just really scared and I was wondering if anyone can help me...Like their is nothing else wrong with me, It doesn't burn when I go pee, It's not swollen, itchy, or red. The only thing thats really wrong is I always have the white vaginal discharge that smells. Thats the only thing. Can anyone please help me?

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by Lextgrim, Jun 08, 2007

It could either be one of two things as I have had similar years ago.

It COULD be a bit of thrush - in that case Natural Yoghurt is good at getting rid of that, or Canestan cream.  


It COULD be to do with your hormones.  I got that a lot in my mid teens and it was just natural discharge.  It is when it is a yellow or brown colour really that indicates infection.  

Do you find you get it more just before your period, i.e. a week before?

Also, re the stinging when you pee - drink plenty of Cranberry juice, it's good for UTI's or cystitis.  I had a couple of occasions of it when I was pregnant and taking antibiotics while pregnant is not something you want to do, so I used natural remedies.  Cranberry juice works!

Regarding the discharge, sure, discuss it with your GP, he may do a swab, but I really do think it is nothing to worry about!

by mymagpie, Jun 10, 2007

There is at least one week out of the month that I have a lot of white discharge.  It seems to be about a week after my period ends.  I know this is part of the cycle, the only thing about yours is that you say yours has an odor.  You might get a treatment from the pharmacy (over the counter) for a yeast infection and if that does not help you probably should go see a doctor. Do you go to a Gynocologist?  If not you probably should consider going.  One thing you may think about since you are young enough for it is the new vaccine they have out for cervical cancer.  My mom talked to her Dr. about it because I have an 11 year old and he said he absolutely reccomends it because he sees several new cases a day of Cervical Cancer.  He is a female cancer specialist.  It would also help you feel more comfortable to have someone to call and talk to when you have female problems.  I have a 23 year old daughter and I hope you don't mind me giving you the same advice I would give her.

Good luck!
by TMJN, Jun 11, 2007
A yeast infection would burn and itch.  If it is white, then it is probably not an infection.  I have PCOS among other things, which means I often go long periods of time without having a period.  Because of my hormones, I have weeks when I have a discharge that sounds similar.  It comes out and there is a lot of it.  The smell is not bad, just dampness from there being so much.  Wear a pantyliner to see if the smell goes away.  I think it is normal.  Don't panic.  Are your periods normal?  I've done a lot of research, and usually it means one of two things.  First, that your body is preparing for pregnancy.  It makes this discharge to pull the sperm in to help you get pregnant.  Or it is the releasing of the plug after the egg is not fertilezed and you are going to have a period.

Hope this helps.
by soulm823, Jun 18, 2007
I'm 23, just lately i have been having a funny smell not bad but funny comming from down below, also with that i have had discharge.  Which i cant get rid of!!!! i can wash but like 5mins later its back can u help me please.  I also find myself to be climaxing alot lately as well whats all that about when i have regular sex with my partner.  I have 2 children if that helps.