yeast infection cuts?
I went to the gyno for the first time in august and he did a regular exam  but i also had itchiness and swelling. then he told me he was going to take a culture for herpes because i had a few cuts inside my vagina. I had had sex for the first time a few days before and it was very dry(im thinking what may have made the cuts). I few days later i got the test results back that i had a yeast infection and then i few days from them i found out that my herpes culture was negative. About 2 months after that i had the same symptoms itching and swelling and i had a 2 cuts at the top of my outlabia. almost in my public hair region. I went to a gyno at school and she told me that it didnt look like herpes at all and that i should be fine, it was just another yeast infection. the cuts were gone in less than a day. I dont know if it was because i was extra cautious and still thought i had herpes but i always feel like im irriated down there. i went home that weekend to my regular gyno and he told me i had nothing to worry about. About a month after the 2nd yeast infection i had another cut right where my pubic hair meets my outer labia.again went away in less than a day. and i have still been experiencing irriation it feels like. so my question is does anyone experience cuts with yeast infections. because my doctor said it was common. but i am still convinced i have herpes. and my boyfriend doesnt understand why i wont touch him anymore. i am going to get blood tested for herpes on thursday but i have a feeling my doctor is going to tell me its unnecessary.
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I should add my sexual history. I had only had sex with my boyfriend who has never done anything with anyone before(this is a small town and its something i know for sure). i did once however have some gential rubbing with another kid who i asked to the point of annoyence if he had herpes and if he had been testing. (no no herpes, yes he has been tested). and my boyfriend has given me oral but i asked him if he ever got cold sores and he said no. oh and also i still get cottage cheese like discharge which makes me think maybe my yeast infection never went away. also i just started taking the pill about a month before my second yeast infection i wonder if that has anything to do with it. Sorry i wrote so much i am just so scared and i feel like this is taking over my life i think about it all the time.
by dandeelyon, Jan 01, 2006
I agree with your physicians.  Based on the sexual events you explained as well as those of who you were with, I would suspect either a yeast or bacterial infection.  

Yeast infections can be unbearable.  Birth control can also cause yeast infections.

Bacterial infections can be the same but are treated a little differently.

Did your gyn give you diflucan or did you just try over the counter medications?  If it does not clear up, I would suggest asking your physician to prescribe diflucan.

If you get the blood test results for a herpes test, will you believe them?  You've already tested negative once.  If it would help put your mind at ease then do it.

Again, based of the experiences you have written about, you have about zero chance of having any STD.

Good Luck
so you dont think the cuts that i have gotten are related to herpes. i honestly lose sleep over it. its so emotionally exausting. is my negative herpes culture reliant because i read other places that you have to get a blood test to really know although i went to the gyno a day or two after my symptoms started which i think is reliable. im going on thursday to be testest but this will put me at ease. i know that dandeelyons comment did.
by dandeelyon, Jan 01, 2006
The last couple of yeast infections I had, the skin tore and I had itching as well as swelling plus the lovely discharge.  I think the little tears come from the moisture and then the constant scratching.  If you decide to have sex with your partner again, you may want to have him treated for the yeast infection as well.  He can get it and you would pass it back and forth.  

I am glad I was able to put your mind at ease.  I know how scarry it is to be sure you have something.  When I was around 22, I had myself convinced that I had aids.  I really had only been with two people and neither were high risk but I was sure I was going to die anyway.  I still got tested twice just to put my mind at ease.

Good luck.  I'm sure you will be ok.
by LMM0601, Jan 02, 2006
OMG....We are so in the same boat.  I feel you panic and pain!  Here is my story:  Ever since I started back on the pill about two years ago, I keep getting yeast infections.  I have had 10 in the past year and a half.  I always get the same two paper cuts...sort of small linesin the exact same places.  Sometimes they bleed, but most they are sore straight lines.  I only get them with a yeast infection and one is in the same place as yours.  Now my doctor has treated me for yeast as the culture always comes up showing yeast.  When this first started, she said I had jock itch as well.  She gave me an anti fungal cream and it went away with the yeast infection.  Being that I suffered with that "jock itch" thing, I mentioned it to my Dermotologist.  He agreed that we can have our skin down their infected with yeast.  He gave me a different cream.  So just days before Christmas, I went into my Gyno's office and I saw my DR.  She took a culture that showed yeast.  It did not go away that easily this time so when I got irritated, I put the new cream on, which irritated me.  It was the first time I used it.  When I called for my blood test results (they tested my sugars) I mentioned the cuts to the nurse and thought it was a side effect of the new antifungal I used.  She said I should be seen.  I could only see one doctor who is new to the practice and I have never met her before.  She said it looked like Herpes!  I totally freaked!  I have been married for 12 years, have two kids and have only been with two men in my life!  

Fast forward:  I took a herpes blood test and she took cultures as well.  I should have the results tomorrow.  What a horrible and long holiday weekend this was.  

I will let you know how I make out, but every time I have a yeast infection, I get the cuts and the Dermotoglist confirmed that with me at it was from the yeast.  Perhaps, you should see a Dermotoglist the next time it happens to you to put you more at ease.  I did not know that we can get a yeast infection of the skin, from the yeast that lies there when we have an vaginal one.  Nothing about what I am going thru adds up.  I am totally fine right now.  No yeast, cuts or sores.  I thought the sores were supposed to last for weeks.  Mine cleared up along with the yeast infection within days.

Keep us posted and I will let you know how I make out too.  You are not alone.  I feel for you!  I have not slept in days over this.
by worriwart_1984, Sep 18, 2007
I currently believe I have a yeast infection (although I am not positive, as I haven't been to my doctor's yet). Although, I just got out of the bathroom and discovered a tiny little lesion a bit above my clitoris and below the pubic hair line (somewhere inbetween there?). I was FREAKING out, but now that I've read some of your posts, I am feeling a little better. My sexual history is far more risky than the one's that you have posted. I am not proud to admit that, and I too am worrying about EVERY possibly sexually transmitted disease out there (ESPECIALLY HIV/AIDS :S). All these things are driving me crazy, and this cut, which is hopefully just from the yeast infection, is making it even worse! I'm sorry this is kind of all over the place, but I am petrified at what might be... I can't even get tested for HIV for another month and a bit.

My decisions in the past have been BEYOND stupid, but there is nothing I can do about that now. I just wanted to talk to someone, anyone really, about what I am going through. Please help...
by stressedoutstudent, Oct 14, 2007
i have the exact same thing!! my cut is basically right from the public hair to the labia... its red looking as well, and i experience itchiness and a foul discharge... i have never been diagnosed with a yeast infection, nor ever treated myself for one. BUT iam convinced i have herpes, just not textbook. I also have gone and got tested, dont get results will wednesday. this has been the longest two weeks of my enitre life.

i can only remember experience these symptons this past summer, and my sexual history at the time of my first 'infection' or outbreak, was none existant. I had skin to skin contact with ONE guy, and was a virgin. So this summer, when i have repeadly had these, how many i have no idea, right before my period during ovulation, i never thought it  a million years it could be an std. BUT in the past month, i Have had sex, so this month when these symptoms i was on panic attack. ANYONE with any help !?!

before i noticed the 'paper cut' which was today, i was itchy that area like crazy cause its so damn itchy. especially my vulva?? and between my vagina and butt

WHAT could this bee???? i am so stressed out, its all i can think about.
by herpes_or_yeast, Jan 12, 2008
What ended up happening?? Did any of you end of having herpes??

I am scared too. I have only had sex with a couple of people in my life. Although my most recent guy has had a long bad history but he told me he was negative for everything. After about 5 days I developed serious pain. I looked and I was so red, inflammed, and so many cuts. I immediatly when to the doctor. A nurse came in and basically said she thought it was herpes. I started crying and them she said I had a yeast infection and maybe it was just that. Help! I am freaking out and I have to wait 3 months before they will give me a blood test because they said it could take my body up to that time to build up the antibodies. Please someone tell me. Did you guys end up with herpes or just a yeast infection??
by Jadore, Mar 06, 2008
About a year ago I noticed two small cuts round the vagina. I thought it was strange as it was the first time I had this. I was going to go to the doctor but the following day they were much better, until a few days later they had disappeared. After approx. 6 months I again noticed another few cuts, this time I thought I had better have a gyno check just in case. (A few weeks before hand I had been ill and on antibiotics. These decrease your defensive system for which you are more prone to other infections.) After the basic gyno check (citology check, cervical smeer with a study of the cells), they informed me that I had a fungal infection and that they would have to check which type of fungal infection it was as there are many types, and needs to be treated. They then took a complete gyno test to check the DNA. They informed me that I didn't have a fungal infection but that I had a yeast infection and that this normally didn't need treatment but that they would treat me for it anyhow. Now (3 months later), I again have cuts and have been back to the gyno. They have done a complete test again just to make sure of everything and next week I receive the results.

Anyhow, the doctors informed me that if it's a fungal infection this needs treatment. If it's a yeast infection, it doesn't necessarily need treatment, can be very common on some women where it can come and go, and on other women it just is always there.

However you should have a gyno check up every year at least and if you have any symptoms, cuts, itchiness, swelling you should have a check up every 6 months.

Remember that the gyno can do two different types of tests. A basic one which is called citology, where they just study the cells, and a gyno check were they check the DNA. Both of these studies are important as each one of them detect different infections.

Hope this helps girls. I’ll let you know about my results next week and what the doctor informs me on the cuts. xx