Creating a Woman's Network
by petitepdx, Jun 17, 2008
I want to create a local network for women where we can meet up and do fun activities around my town. I live in a beautiful city, and I want to be more active in it, and I want to make more women friends. That task seems to be really hard.

Sometimes its nice to just be with the girls...

Any suggestions?

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by RockRose, Jun 17, 2008
Well,  how connected are you?  Do you have a social network through work or your neighborhood or friends,  and you could just send out a mass email that you're interested in forming an adventure group for city outings that meets,  say,  the first and third Thursdays of the month.  

If you're not connected at all,  have you tried Craig's List?  Google Craig's list in your town,  and there's a "community" section where people form groups.  You could meet the first several times in open public areas so you don't end up with weirdos.  I live in a beautiful exciting city too,  and I googled our Craig's list just to check through the community postings before posting here,  and sure enough,  first hit up is a woman looking for a social network of women.

Best wishes.  I'm in several women's groups,  and they're great fun.