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Wedding- have professional photographer, fiances dad wants to bring his...
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Wedding- have professional photographer, fiances dad wants to bring his photo partner to do pictures.

Ok so no problem with pictured for my wedding, the more the merrier. The only thing is, my fiances uncle and aunt (on moms side) hired a photographer (with my ok) to do professional pictures for the wedding. It will cost $1600 just for her to be booked let alone the pictures and how long she will be there for. My fiances dad takes pictures for fun, and has a young friend who also has an interest in this. They are trying to get a business going but nothing so far. Though I have already mentioned that auntie and uncle have hired a professional, he has TOLD me that he is bringing his friend (who I met once) to do pictures. The thing is, he and she had done engagement pictures for us. It turned out alright but the only thing they did was " go over there" and we had to pose and think of what to do our selves and they captured what looked good. It took 3 hours and we got.....25 nice pictures (which need major cropping, and might I add he took over a THOUSAND!). I dont want him to take over trying to get a picture and get in the way when the professional is doing her thing. I dont know if I should just tell the professional to feel free to ask him to step out of the way (I know its his son but he can get his pictures another time) or if I should say, you know, shes doing them now, you can take them from afar or afterwards.
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I can tell you most professionals WILL tell others to get out of their way. Every wedding and special occassion I have been to, the professional tells the 'wannabe' to move..nicely of course, then if they don't, they get told in a firm voice to shove off.
The professionals are used to others trying to steal a good shot and are good at dealing with it.
  Personally, I would tell the professional in advance what to expect anyway. Just so they have a heads up on what to expect. Let your other friend take your pics at a time that suits you all.
  You shouldn't have any real problems on the day if as I say the professional is aware.
The young friend may find in time they won't get continual business if their photos aren't all that brilliant. Word of mouth is the biggest killer of any business.
  Just relax and put your faith in the professional and have a great day!
/tell your fiance aunt and uncle that your family have already paid the professionals to take the pics and suggest maybe they take some after the ones that have been pais leave, ot take them before they get there, 2 different people taking pictures can be confusing and mabe mess up things stick with the ones you have hired to take them,or things may not go right   luck  jo
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